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The Brandeis Brief

The Shapiro Campus Center will not be open 24 hours a day during finals due to the budgetary constraints of the Division of Student Life. Assistant Dean of Student Life Alwina Benne… Read More...

Staff Favorites

Dave Ostrowksy Sports
Movie: Wedding Crashers and War of the Worlds
Book: Life and Death of Lou Gehrig
Song: I enjoyed everything

Beck Holden Copy
Plays: UTC productions – P…

Perhaps not Broadway-ready, but an enjoyable evening nonetheless

Last weekend, The Two Orphans, penned by Theresa Rebeck (M.A. '83, M.F.A. '86, Ph.D. 89) with music by Kim D. Sherman and lyrics by Rebeck and John Sheeh… Read More...

The top 10 of 2005

With remixes, collaborations, comebacks, reunions, and double albums, 2005 has presented one of the better years of music in the last decade. Although th… Read More...

E pur si muove: Themanwhosawthroughthedarkness

Galileos head was on the block
The crime was looking up the truth
And as the bombshells of my daily fears explode
I try to trace them to my youth…

-Indigo Girls

I. First Light

It i…

Jenny Feinberg’s State of the Union Address

Here is the transcript of Jenny Feinberg's complete State of the Union Address on December 6, 2005:

I woke up this morning to find F-Board member Harrison Chizik and
Senat…

Jamele Adams

When Jamele Adams is in a room, you know it.

After only three months at Brandeis as Assistant Dean of Student Life in Support of Diversity, Adams is already everywhere. Thi… Read More...

December Darfur Conference

Students and experts from across the nation converged on Harvard University last weekend for the December Darfur Conference. The conference was organized by students from Bran… Read More...

Stein staff stungby WPD

The Stein restaurant was caught serving alcohol to underage individuals on November 10th and may lose its liquor license, according to Waltham Police.

A compliance check&#…

Attacks in Village, Massell

The rooms of four female residents of the Village and Massell quads were entered last weekend by an unknown college-age assailant, and one resident was assaulted, accor… Read More...

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