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Dreitzer Gallery hosts ‘Dimensions 2’

Dreitzer Gallery hosts ‘Dimensions 2’

By Emma Kahn

Section: Arts

January 23, 2015

This week marked the debut of the Fine Arts Department’s “Dimensions 2,” located in the Dreitzer Gallery of Spingold Theater Center exhibiting student drawing, painting and printmaking pieces. The myriad of student work, ranging from smaller sketch drawings to large, painted canvases, showcases the artistic talent of the Brandeis student body. Students from all backgrounds who have come together to take introductory- and second-level art courses covered the walls with professional and polished style.

A large number of art pieces are devoted to artistic representations of scenes of campus. Many of the pieces are of the Gerstenzang Science Library, showing the building in various lightings and angles. Other art pieces are devoted to the outskirts of campus, portraying the fallen autumn foliage and silhouettes of trees. Scattered among the art are portraits of classmates, friends and unknown figures. Some students centered their work around still lives, contributing to the exhibit with classic productions of everyday objects. Many of the art pieces, however, diverged from the standard subject matter, revealing intricate scenes of ships caught in storms at sea, mermaids swaddling their children amid various obstacles and darkened figures emerging from unknown depths. Students utilized a variety of media, including markers, pens, charcoal, oils and even arranged bits of scrap paper. Each piece is unique and reflects the students’ individual personality.

Brandeis offers beginning-level courses in drawing, painting and printmaking, which introduce students to the materials and methods of the art, offering basic instruction through certain themed assignments. Other “Dimensions” exhibitions will likely showcase the work of various other media and skill levels.

“Dimensions 2” will be available for viewing through Feb. 6. Be sure to visit Dreitzer Gallery to enjoy the display and also to ask questions and discuss artwork with those involved.

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