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What’s in your grilled cheese?

By Charlotte Aaron

Section: Arts

November 6, 2015

Unlike other sandwiches, grilled cheese keeps its name even when the contents within it change. This week, Surviving Sodexo features two different grilled cheese sandwiches that can easily be made in Lower Usdan with the panini press. When using the panini press, don’t forget to use wax paper on both sides of your sandwich, as Marie always reminds students!

Say Cheese

Take two slices of bread, and butter one side of each slice. Toasting the bread is optional depending on whether or not you like your grilled cheese crispy. From here, go to the hamburger bar and place four slices of cheese on the bread. To add more flavor, sprinkle cheddar cheese from the salad bar between your slices. You can also add slices of tomato and spinach to spike your vitamin intake. Take the sandwich to the panini press and grill away!

Apple & Cheese

The first step is to slice a green apple into thin slices, says Allison Plotnik ’18, an editor for The Hoot and the genius behind this dish. Spread cream cheese from the bagel station on one slice of bread. Plotnik suggests spreading only a thin layer, as too much will overwhelm the sandwich. Layer apple slices on top of the cream cheese, enough to form one layer of apple over the cheese. Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese from the salad bar on the other slice of bread. When complete, flip the cream cheese and apple slice on top of the cheddar cheese slice to close your sandwich. Take the sandwich to the panini press and cook until the cheese is visibly melted.

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