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Film Collective calls all students of various levels of experience

By Emma Kahn

Section: Arts

March 4, 2016

The Brandeis Film Collective takes full advantage of the creativity and capability of our student body to produce films and videos throughout the school year. The Executive Board recruits scriptwriters, editors, videographers and actors who collaborate on film projects, providing the Brandeis community with the result of student ideas converted into passionate finished works. Throughout the semester, the Brandeis Film Collective aims to produce one short film each month.

There are no regimented production positions within the group aside from Chief Editor. Instead, each production requires a new conglomerate of contributors to help the production along. Their most current project consists of about 10 actors, five directors and another 10 or so individuals who help with production and post-production. Any experience levels are welcome and new contributors are always encouraged. One large purpose of the club, in addition to producing student-made films, is to interest and educate members and provide the necessary resources for the production of films and video. Casting, producing, editing and filming are all available for newcomers to build skills in creating visual media. Upon producing the final work, the Brandeis Film Collective hosts a film screening party and invites all who contributed to the film to watch together.

The entire process, as with most methods of creating art, is incredibly fluid. Whether students are full-time members, hold Executive Board positions or simply have an emerging passion for self-representation and storytelling, they are encouraged to take on a role in production. Members of the Executive Board bounce ideas off each other, forming a community of mutual support and assistance.

“I didn’t even know how to write a script until I began writing this script,” joked Public Relations Chair Nakeita Henry ’19. “I had no experience, but there are people who do have experience that come in to help.” She noted that the Brandeis Film Collective has allowed her to branch out in her first year at Brandeis, practicing her writing skills and making new friends through casting. She hopes to major in Psychology and Creative Writing. Her biggest success was writing a script and seeing an abundance of students interested in acting for the film, and being able to choose among them for the most suitable roles.

“We got a lot of actors, which was very exciting,” said Henry. “We [had] about 20 or 30 people interested in 10 slots. Normally we don’t get those types of numbers so that was a big success.”

Of course, with such flexibility comes a need for much adaptability. All involved in producing material for the Brandeis Film Collective must react to any circumstances that come up, and remain incredibly flexible in the face of challenges. “There was one scene in my script that we were supposed to film in the snow, but there was no snow. We had to go back and rewrite the script, so I offered to rewrite and we worked with what we could,” said Henry.

The Brandeis Film Collective is a community of innovative and talented individuals who are able to collaborate to create visual media and, in doing so, engage our community in creative expression. Those interested in collaborating with the Brandeis Film Collective may reach out to Public Relations Chair Nakeita Henry or President Kristen Ward, ‘like’ their Facebook page, “Brandeis Film Collective,” or join the club’s listserv.

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