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Brief: Student leaders promote inclusion through Posse training

By Hannah Schuster

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September 16, 2016

Students will attend a diversity training session with the Posse Foundation on September 16 to learn about the role of campus organizations and student leaders in promoting inclusion, according to a campus-wide email from Kim Godsoe, the associate provost for Academic Affairs.

The three-hour long training will be discussion-oriented as students will consider how student leaders create a respectful and inclusive campus community. Godsoe posed three sample questions when introducing the training:

1. How can campus organizations exist both independently and as part of a connected and collaborative community?
2. How can student leaders contribute to a culture of respect and responsiveness when addressing issues related to diversity and inclusion?
3. What role and responsibility do student leaders play in creating a more inclusive campus community?

Since there were 100 seats available, students were asked to register before the training. As of September 15, there were 80 signed up to participate. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate.

The Posse Foundation is also sponsoring a training for faculty this fall called “Building an Inclusive Classroom” and a training for staff called “Access and Inclusion on a College Campus,” according to Godsoe’s email.

The Posse Foundation is active at Brandeis through the Posse Scholars program. Students accepted to this program gain a “posse” of their peers as they complete their undergraduate degrees. The scholarship selection process “identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes,” according to the Posse website. There are 57 branches of the Posse program at undergraduate schools across the country. Brandeis is the alma mater of Posse’s founder Deborah Bial ’87 and has approximately 80 Posse scholars.

The Provost’s office also announced this week a list of 11 events focused on diversity and inclusion that had received funding from the office. A total of $23,995 was distributed to more than 10 departments and schools within the university that submitted proposals over the summer, according to an email from Provost Lisa Lynch. One such event was a talk with Dr. Ruha Benjamin, a member of the faculty at Princeton University, focused on the relationship between race and the study of genetics and genomics. The event, which took place this past Tuesday, was cosponsored by the Afro and African American Studies Department and the Health: Science, Society and Policy Department. Next Thursday, the Division of Science at Brandeis will host an event called “Hacking your Potential: Why Your Views on Intelligence and Talent Matter for Academic Success.” Other departments and schools hosting events include the English, Sociology and Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Departments, the Heller School, the Women’s Studies Research Center and more.

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