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NBA starts season with big trades

By Kevin Costa

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October 28, 2016

The NBA season kicked off this week after a busy offseason which saw the league undergo a huge transformation. Since the Cavaliers rallied against the Warriors to win the franchise’s first championship last season, many teams have acquired new players to bolster their rosters. The most notable move saw Kevin Durant transfer from Oklahoma City to Golden State. The former MVP will join an already star-studded group that won a record breaking 73 games last season. According to thestar.com, Durant, who averages 27 points per game and is in the prime of his career, will pose an additional offensive threat alongside Klay Thompson and the reigning MVP, Stephen Curry.

In the east, the Celtics picked up Al Horford from the Hawks. The 6’10”, 245-pound center will strengthen the team built around Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley. According to thestar.com, the big man averages 15 points and seven rebounds, making a strong case for a successful run in the playoffs for the Celtics. The Bulls drastically changed their line-up this offseason. While trading Derrick Rose, the team signed Rajon Rondo to a two-year, 28 million dollar deal after leading the league with 11.8 assists last season. While letting go of Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah, the Bulls acquired Robin Lopez. Lastly, the team’s front office signed Dwyane Wade to a two-year, 47 million dollar deal according to Foxsports.com. The Knicks have also made huge adjustments to their team. In addition to Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, the Knicks will have Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah to improve their line-up. Yet both Rose and Noah have had their struggles with injuries; Rose has missed multiple seasons after winning the MVP in 2011. Noah played just 29 games last year, according to thestar.com. If they stay healthy, the Knicks will likely find success.

If the regular season plays out anywhere near the way this offseason did, fans are in store for an exciting year.

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