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Margolis to provide corporate solutions

By Zach Cihlar

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January 27, 2017

Management Solutions recently secured its newest consultant in financial risk: Micah Margolis ’17.

Margolis will graduate this May with departmental honors in physics upon completion of his senior thesis along with a degree in economics and a minor in computer science. The senior was also elected into Phi Beta Kappa, an honors organization, as a junior in 2016 for his strong academic performance, a title given to only nine students who were juniors at the time of their election to the organization.

Management Solutions is a Spain-based international company relatively new to the United States market. The company aims to “deliver business, risk, financial, organization, technology and process-related advisory services” to its clients, according to the company’s website. It seeks out recent graduates or final-year students with strong academic record, a solid work ethic and interests in business, math, statistics or physics.

Management Solutions reached out to Margolis through LinkedIn, a professional networking site, and requested a resume. Shortly after, he began speaking to representatives within the company to begin the interview process.

According to Margolis, he first spoke on the phone with an employee in the company to answer basic questions about his eligibility to work. Soon, he had set up an official interview via Skype. Finally, the job required Margolis to take a math test analyzing tables and synthesizing data to ensure his suitability for the position. He finalized the process with a phone interview with the partner heading the company’s American branches and will be located in Boston.

Margolis filled his resume with an internship and lab work. During one summer as a Brandeis student, he worked at a fuel company, working tools involving coding and math. Though the internship did not pertain to financial consulting, he noted that the skills he gained at that internship aided in his job search. “It made me a better candidate for a lot of these other companies, even though it was an energy company,” he said.
Similarly, in the summer of 2016, Margolis spent the break working in the astrophysics lab, gaining skills in physics.

Margolis found further help from Hiatt Career Center, he said. A Hiatt tool he suggests for job seekers is HiattChat, a Gmail account (hiattchatt@gmail.com) that students can send resumes to and expect comments and edits back within a couple days.

“They helped a lot with cover letters,” Margolis added. Using Hiatt’s drop-in hours, he stopped by the office to receive comments and tips about writing cover letters for certain job and internship applications.

Throughout the process of applying to jobs, Margolis learned that the best advice he could give to students pursuing jobs after college is to start early, be diligent and send out a lot of resumes.

He emphasized that the job industry is remarkably competitive, so depending on the field of interest, beginning a job search as early as September may be a smart decision. “There are certain fields that recruit in August, September, October, so start early if you’re going into finance, consulting or accounting.”

Margolis recommends that students should consider the job application process as if it were an additional class. It is beneficial to spend time each week job searching, updating resumes, writing cover letters and doing other preparatory tasks, he said. “You should act like it’s another class you’re taking, because that is something I struggled with.”

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