Hoot recommends: March 15, 2019

“Eating Your Feed”

Let’s face it: Everyone loves food. And people love watching food get made. Seeing bakers mix ingredients together and create viral masterpieces are some of my favorite videos on the internet. Not all of us are master bakers and chefs; I know I’ll never be, anyways. But Buzzfeed’s “Eating Your Feed” gives me the satisfaction of watching mediocre people try to cook masterpieces with a decent amount of success. A spin-off of “Binging with Babish” and “Bon Appetit,” the show challenges a group of amateur chefs to recreate viral food videos on the internet. I don’t know about you, but it always warms my heart when I see a struggling chef succeed in making mozzarella from scratch or corgi-shaped macaroons. Come for the baking, stay for the laughs. —Sabrina Chow

Blithe Field

Spencer Radcliffe makes quiet music. Under his Blithe Field moniker, he gently blends audio samples and whirring electronic empherata, creating striking yet serene ambient tracks. It’s the kind of music that builds in space for you to think while you listen—perfect for studying or looking out the window on a bus or train. The music is sincere, calming and oddly transcendent. There’s this home-movie quality of Radcliffe incorporating samples of his own life into the music, building them together into something beautiful. Blithe Field’s new release “Ward Unbending” isn’t the project’s best. For a meditative study time, I’d recommend putting on the albums “Days Drift By,” “Beautiful Wave ‘74” and “Warm Blood.” —Noah Harper

“The Special” podcast

If you’re looking for your next road trip destination, this podcast has some ideas for you. “The Special” is a new six-episode podcast series in which host Minya Oh (a.k.a. Miss Info) takes the listener around a different American city, exploring what is so special about each place in terms of food and culture. Each episode culminates in a meal among locals, cooked by a local chef, that represents the unique characteristics of each city. So far, episodes on Seattle, downtown L.A. and Minneapolis have been released, introducing the listener to places that might not have been on their radar as cultural/foodie hubs but certainly deserve a new look. —Abigail Gardener    

“The Umbrella Academy”

If you’re looking for a great show with a compelling plot, excellent dialogue and an in-depth character development, for the love of God, don’t watch this show. It’s the worst pile of nonsense I’ve seen, rivaling only a certain show on the C.W. network that refuses to die. The dialogue is stagnant; listening to it makes me think the show was written by aliens pretending to be people pretending to be aliens pretending to be screenwriters. There are too many characters to give them each dynamic personalities (except Klaus, everybody loves Klaus), creating narrative that feels flat at times and at others comedic, despite its serious intent. Finally, the plot has too much time travel. It’s ridiculous. Enough said.

But I’m watching it as I write this. Better than studying for my politics midterm. —Celia Young

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