SSIS advice column

SSIS advice column

March 15, 2019

SSIS is looking for new members! Not sure if SSIS is right for you? Here what some SSIS members have to say about why they joined and why they stay!

“Ever since I saw the SSIS presentation my freshman year, I knew that I was interested in joining the group. I could never have anticipated how great of a decision joining SSIS would be. From learning more about healthy sexuality and relationships, to becoming part of a community of incredibly smart and caring people, being in SSIS has been a highlight of my college experience.”

“The reason I joined SSIS was to be able to give back to the Brandeis community; I found that there was something rather profound and deeply rewarding in being able to help members of the community live their most sexually-authentic lifestyle! Because Brandeis has students from all walks of life and from various backgrounds, being able to help people meet their goals and desires, as well as being able to inform the Brandeis community about various resources and workshops that we have held, has been among the best experiences I have had at Brandeis. SSIS is such a unique experience, and I am so glad I have been involved!”

“I sort of joined SSIS out of nowhere! I was looking for a safe and supportive community on campus, I saw an SSIS flyer and I thought, why not? I didn’t know when I applied whether or not SSIS would be the right fit for me, but even during the application process, I started to realize what a special place SSIS is. Since the very beginning of my time with SSIS, I’ve felt safe and supported, and I’ve had SO much fun. Joining SSIS was one of the best decisions I made in college so far.”

“SSIS makes me feel so empowered that I am able to help the greater Brandeis community in so many ways. From selling products to giving presentations and workshops, being a member of this group has shown me the importance of empowering Brandeis students in their diverse sexual pleasure and health needs. I love SSIS!”

“I love educating others on how to engage in healthy sexual practices and having conversations with individuals as they experience challenges in their relationships. I love offering education to groups on campus and speaking on topics including sexuality, information on STIs, how to foster healthy relationships and more. I am excited when I get to share that we sell barrier methods, sex toys, menstrual products and more, all within our office in the student campus center. I also love participating and working to organize the events that we put on including workshops on BDSM and sexual techniques. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than having a conversation with others and coming away from it feeling as though we both expanded our knowledge on that topic. I love being a part of this club because I find the work that it does so valuable.”

“I joined SSIS on a whim. One of my best friends told me that they thought I would be good at being a part of this group, so I took their word for it and applied! Since joining, SSIS has become an integral part of my life. I am a part of an amazing group of people who truly care about each other and the Brandeis community. SSIS also gives me great experience and knowledge surrounding health, which is something I was looking for as a pre-med student.”

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