SSIS advice column

March 6, 2020

Welcome back to the SSIS column, where we answer any and all of Brandeis students’ questions about sex, sexuality, identity and relationships. If you have a question you’d like answered in our next column, email or leave a question in the Google Form link on the Student Sexuality Information Service Facebook page. Any and all questions are welcome: there are no bad, stupid or weird questions! 

(Note: These answers are good-faith attempts by SSIS to be helpful to the Brandeis community, and are by no means exhaustive or to be taken as universal. If these answers don’t resonate with you, either pay them no mind, or reach out to us with suggestions for improvement!)

What made you (the person/people answering) want to join SSIS?

We are so glad you asked this question! Here is what some of our members had to say about why they chose to join SSIS:

“I wanted to learn how to better support those in my community and to join an open-minded and caring space.”

“It wasn’t until college when I learned what a truly healthy relationship was, and how to properly foster one. Now that I’m in a happy and healthy relationship, I want to help support others in finding the same for themselves.”

“I grew up in an environment where talking about sexuality, the body and relationships was not openly encouraged. SSIS gave me a space to not only learn more about these topics, but to also help others in being comfortable opening a dialogue about extremely important aspects of life.”

“I joined SSIS because I am passionate about sexual education. I believe sexual education is a vital resource which gives people agency and choice over their bodies and lives. I wanted to make sure all members of the Brandeis community have access to this.”

“I joined SSIS because I love talking about sexuality, and I wanted to learn more about sex, sexuality, anatomy, healthy relationships and more. I love being a member because SSIS is such a supportive group, and the work we do is so rewarding.”

“I was looking to find a community of body and relationship positive people. SSIS not only helped me find people with those priorities but also allows me to work toward supporting the Brandeis campus as a whole in becoming a more educated, proactive and positive place when it comes to bodies, relationships, inclusivity and sex!” 

“I joined SSIS because I feel that everyone is deserving of healthy and empowering relationships with themselves and others, whatever that might look like. As someone comfortable talking about sex and sexuality, I want to create a safer space for people to express themselves and deconstruct taboos. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join.”

If you find that you resonate with or are inspired by any of the above responses, then you might be a good match for SSIS! We encourage you to apply to become an SSIS volunteer by stopping by our office (SCC 328) during any of our office hours or after hours by appointment. 

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