The Grande disappointment

I’m going to be honest, when I heard about a Grande Homewrecker burrito from Moe’s that was only slightly more expensive than their regular alternative, I knew I had to try it before the promotion ended. Especially when I saw those persuasive advertisements: a gargantuan juicy monster of a burrito next to a wimpy pathetic wrap. To say that I was salivating would be an understatement.

However, like most items, this burrito did not come even close to the expectations that were set for it. There were several things wrong with it. For starters, it was advertised as a two-pound burrito, yet when it was weighed, it was only 1.5 pounds, and that was with aluminum foil covering the entire burrito! 

Second, the employees got my order completely wrong. Sorry to any spice lovers out there, but I would never order jalapeños on my burrito. You can only imagine my shock when I noticed that the workers decided it would be a great idea to slap on a mound of pickled jalapeños right on top—as if to mock me. They also added cucumbers to my burrito which I did not ask for, but I guess you have to pick your battles.

Now, when you order something called a Grande Homewrecker, wouldn’t you expect to be full afterwards? Yeah, that’s what I thought too when I ordered the meal. Not only did I devour the burrito without feeling full, but I also ate their associated chips (and Sasha’s chips too) while still wanting more to eat. To be honest with you, I could not even tell the difference between the standard Homewrecker and Grande Homewrecker at all. If that doesn’t show you that this burrito did not live up to its name, then I don’t know what will.

Sasha Skarboviychuk 

I would like to start this off by saying that I LOVE burritos. Moving to America was worth it just because now I have burritos in my life. I have tried my fair share of burritos in this country, and although I’m not going to rank them all here, I have to say that Moe’s was never my favorite place to go for burritos. 

The last time I went to Moe’s was last spring, on a “Moe’s Monday,” which is when they have burritos for as little as six dollars, as opposed to the usual eight dollars and up. I like my burritos with chicken and as many toppings as possible. I cannot say that I was too impressed with the burrito; the flavors were not as good as those of the Chipotle or Currito burrito, and to be honest it was kind of small. The only thing Moe’s had going for it was the free chips and salsa that you get with every order: not only are they free, but the salsa is actually really good. 

When I got the email about Moe’s new, limited time only, Grande Homewrecker burrito, I knew that I had to try it, not because I thought it would be particularly good, but because it was my duty as the opinions editor to review new fast food. 

We decided to go to Moe’s on Monday, because on a Moe’s Monday, the white meat chicken burritos cost us $8.99 each. The first disappointment came when we saw the size of the burrito. The advertisements claim that the Homewrecker is twice the size of a regular burrito, weighing in at around two pounds and having “twice the handcrafted guac, seasoned rice, beans, shredded cheese and your choice of protein on a 14-inch tortilla” according to the Moe’s website. 

The burritos we got were small. Like if that was the Grande, I do not want to see a regular-sized burrito. I also weighed the burritos: mine was 774 grams (about 1.7 pounds) and John’s was 680 grams (around 1.5 pounds). Although mine was kind of close to two pounds, it was still not as big as I expected. I thought this burrito would last me two meals, but even for someone who doesn’t eat a lot, I ate it in one sitting. 

When it came to the taste of the burrito, it wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t the best burrito I’ve ever had. Even the seasoned rice, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, roasted corn pico, shredded lettuce, cilantro, cucumber, fresh jalapeños and pickled jalapeños were not enough to make this burrito taste good. One of the largest disappointments about the burrito was that it was not spicy at all. Like not even a hint of spice. In conclusion, all I can say is that it was a Grande disappointment: it was definitely not worth $10. 

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