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Cook of Matthew (feat. Technicality Norris)

Scalloped Potatoes

Bret: The French have many interesting ways of handling boring food. One way is called gratin, which is basically French for “add more cheese until it works.” You’ve probably had potatoes gratiné before; we call them scalloped … Read More...

Cook of Matthew: Spaghetti squash

If you enjoyed last week’s butternut squash recipe, here’s something you’ll love.

(Actually, this column was supposed to be in last week’s paper to begin with … curse you, editors!)

Anyway, here we go:

Spaghetti squash is a yellow, rugby …

Cook of Matthew: Butternut Squash

Eating the same vegetables (or, more likely, no vegetables) every day can get boring. Luckily for you, it’s fall, and there are some delicious squashes in season. Don’t like squash? You will. Squash dishes are easy to make, tasty and … Read More...

Go See 'The Social Network'

One night in 2003, Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerburg got dumped, got drunk and created a website that eventually led to the massive social networking giant we now know as Facebook.

At least, that’s what the movie “The Social Network” wants … Read More...

Growing up with golf

I remember a warm spring day. I walked onto the mat tee—a green square made of beat-up Astroturf—and carefully placed a small white ball onto the rubber tee. About 60 yards ahead of me, a yellow flag with a large … Read More...

In memory of our youth

GRAPHIC BY Ariel Wittenberg/The Hoot

It was a lonely day at Wendy’s. Not just a slow day, although the place was almost empty. There was a different atmosphere about it. People sat at their booths and tables alone, silently munching … Read More...

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