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Essential college cooking ware

dc02070809.jpgJUST THE BASICS

I recently received a beautiful chef’s knife and I started thinking about all the equipment that cooking requires, especially when baking. So for those of you who are putting off “real” cooking because of the equipment cost, … Read More...

Don't Settle for a PB & J

Upon reading a recent article on grilled cheese sandwiches, I started to wonder how I can make better sandwiches here at college.The sandwich bar on campus is fairly standard (chicken/ham/roast beef etc, yellow mustard, honey mustard, mayo etc.), but we … Read More...

Red pepper, tomatoes, apples, oh my!

Lets face it. The pasta sauce in Usdan is not tomato sauce. It has tomatoes, yes, and a generally liquid consistency, but it is not tomato sauce.

Compare it with the tomato soup one day. Any difference? Didnt think so.… Read More...

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