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SSIS Question Sex-tion: safe, sane, and sensual sadomasochism

Q: My roommate recently told me that she and her boyfriend practice SM. Some of the things she told me about are pretty weird and they sound dangerous. Is it okay for her to do that stuff?
-Scared Silly

A: …

Putting up with PDA

Q: My roommate and his/her partner are all over each other all the time when Im in the room and its so awkward! What should I do about it?
~Eyes Wide Shut

A: Yep, weve all been on the receiving … Read More...

Facts, myths, and the truth about condoms

A few weeks ago we celebrated Valentines Day, which also happens to be National Condom Day. In belated honor of this special day, SSIS would like to share some facts and dispel some myths about condoms.

Myth: Condoms break so …

Too much of a good thing?

Q: Is it possible to masturbate too much?

A: Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress, learn about your body, and enjoy a quiet night in. Some argue that you can never masturbate too much. Why? Because masturbation in … Read More...

Sex Shops: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light

Q: I am looking to buy a sex toy and Ive heard a lot about these new feminist sex stores. Can you tell me more about them?


A: There has been a great deal of buzz over the new … Read More...

The etiquette of oral sex

Q: Is there any polite way to ask for oral?

A: Oral sex is a popular form of pleasure, but admittedly has some potential for awkwardness. Some people are grossed out by the idea of mouth-genital contact, while others feel … Read More...

HIV testing coming to the health center

The Health Center will be offering HIV testing the week of the 23rd of October. According to Kathleen Maloney, Nurse Practitioner and Administrator of the Health Center, HIV testing has been in the works for a while now. Part of … Read More...

Taking control of birth control

Q: I missed my pill yesterday, what should I do?

A: Though they dont protect you from STDs, birth control pills are a great method of contraception. Unfortunately, they can be a little confusing at times. The most important part … Read More...

Brimming with love of the glove

Why does SSIS sell latex gloves? What do they have to do with sex?

While talk of sex usually focuses on the genitalia, we must not forget the most adaptable, playful, stimulating, and sensual organs of all: our hands. No … Read More...

Be planning

Can I get the morning-after pill on campus?

Yes. The Brandeis Health Center supplies Plan B, a brand of emergency contraceptive, or EC. EC is popularly known as the morning-after pill because we all understand what the morning … Read More...

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