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The Reader author speaks on collective guilt

Image Gallery: “Collective Guilt?”

GUILT:  Bernard Schlink discusses collective guilt at rapport treasure hall tuesday.<br /><br /><i>PHOTO BY Danielle Wolfson/The Hoot</i>

GUILT: Bernard Schlink discusses collective guilt at rapport treasure hall tuesday.

PHOTO BY Danielle Wolfson/The Hoot

Award-winning “The Reader” author Bernhard Schlink discussed his new book “Guilt About the Past” and the intergenerational nature of collective … Read More...

A day in the life of a parrot

ALEX AND ME: Adjunct associat Irene Pepperberg  speaks about her relationship with Alex the parrot.<br /><i>PHOTO BY Jodi Elkin/The Hoot</i>

ALEX AND ME: Adjunct associat Irene Pepperberg speaks about her relationship with Alex the parrot.
PHOTO BY Jodi Elkin/The Hoot

On Wednesday, scientist Irene Pepperberg spoke about the rewards and trials of a thirty-year relationship with her subject Alex, an … Read More...

Students discuss anonymous free speech on gossip site

On Tuesday, students discussed anonymous free speech during the first meeting of Students Against JuicyCampus.

A website founded last year, the mission of JuicyCampus is to “enabl[e] online anonymous free speech on college campuses…[and create] a forum where college students … Read More...

Union Senate passes Senate Money Resolution for Prospect Hill

On Oct. 12, the Union Senate unanimously passed a Senate Money Resolution to donate $500 to benefit Prospect Hill Terrace Community Learning Center. Despite these funds, the center, which promotes literacy through a series of after-school programs, is still suffering … Read More...

Professors consider race and gender in Nov. Election

Prof. Mingus Mapps (POL) and Prof. Jill Greenlee (POL) discussed the effects of gender and race on the general election and used market and polling data to predict who will be the next president on Monday Oct. 6.

Mapps, who …

Deans discuss economic crisis

In the midst of a national financial crisis, Heller School Dean Lisa Lynch and International Business School Dean Bruce Magid discussed the domestic and international effects and made predictions about the type of economy the new president might face.

Two …

Documentary addresses wrongful conviction

On Thursday night, Pulitzer prize winning journalist Maurice Possley and former death house chaplain Reverend Carroll Pickett had an intense and thought provoking question and answer session with audience members on the topic of the death penalty.

The discussion followed …

Stein downscaled, student response ambivalent

The Stein Restaurant reduced hours and menu offerings, and the Department of Student Activities is sponsoring fewer Stein Nights than the previous year, yet students appear unaffected by these changes.

Last year the Stein was open to serve lunch from … Read More...

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Mandy Carter discusses activism and identity

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Mandy Carter gave a short speech followed by an informal discussion with students on coalition building, activism on campus, and her experience as an African American, lesbian social justice activist. The event took place on Wednesday … Read More...

Res Life DeCapua discusses gender neutral housing options for Fall

On Thursday night, Director of Residence Life Richard DeCapua officially announced that next fall gender neutral housing will be available for sophomores and upperclassmen.

TRISK, the Social Justice Committee, and TransBrandeis have been working with Resident Life to implement a … Read More...

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