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Who wears the pants?

Ironically, when the pant sizes started to drop off, so did the amount of men in my life. I always used to dream I was skinny. My mom once told me, “Go for your dreams.” So I did.

And h…

Sexiled: Oops, I did it again

Do you want to hear a joke? There were two girls and a guy. Keep your pants on. It’s not what you think.

The two girls were best friends. Don’t unbuckle yet. They flirted with each o… Read More...

Sexiled: Hung out to dry

[QUICKTIME wp-content/uploads/sex012508.mp3 250 46 false true]
Edited by Andy Meyers

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Foreplay has come and gone. So has he.

The lights are sti…

Sexiled: South Pole

I used to think that if I wished really, really hard at 11:11, or helped withered old ladies to the other side of the street, that someone would fall in love with me. I was passing out ch… Read More...

Sexiled: Hard-Core

Let’s talk about porn. That’s right. I love porn. I’m a woman, and I am admitting that it’s one of my favorite ways to release pressure: stress. I used to pretend that I only w… Read More...

Sexiled: Come quietly

I could tell you how many ceilings tiles laid above our heads. I could tell you the pattern. I could count the number of minutes and seconds in each moment – what felt like hours was a… Read More...

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