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Baan Apptit

Baan Thai
679 Moody St (781) 891-5510

Looking for Thai? Baan Thai is my pick for the best Thai food in Waltham.


Baan Thais menu is long and diverse. They offer conventional Thai dishes as well as some great … Read More...

Just pass on Jake's

Jakes Dixie Roadhouse
220 Moody St (781) 894-4227

Rating: 1.5/5 martinis

I decided to check out Jakes after reading a great review;

sadly, that review was just about as accurate as Rolling Stone calling The Blair Witch Project the scariest … Read More...

Make this one the year of the Dragon

Dragon Chef
679 Moody St (781) 891-5510

Looking for a midnight snack and thought Tiki House and Dominos were your only options? Think again and check out Dragon Chef.

Divided into Mandarin and Chinese dishes, Dragon Chefs menu is … Read More...

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