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Do students have a say? Skeptical students respond to elections

It was election season again. Between seemingly thousands of flyers that littered the walls of nearly every building, and a singing candidate with a guitar and a harmonica on the Rabb Steps, it was hard not to notice the democratic … Read More...

Brandeis not a party school?

Social life at Brandeis. Apparently this is a touchy topic. When asked, most people will avert their eyes, cross their arms, and halfheartedly state, “it’s what you make of it.” Then they’ll mumble something about Rosenthal or one of the … Read More...

Brandeis students help fight AIDS epidemic

5 seconds.

Not much more than a heartbeat. Not much more than a slight turn of the head. Not much of anything. Yet within those 5 seconds, a person in a different part of the world just died. Be it … Read More...

Exploring the ocean: Brandeis SCUBA club takes students to new depths

02150804.jpgImagine a world in which you aren’t limited by gravity. You can move on any axis, in any direction, with minimal effort. Imagine a world where you see the strangest creature float harmlessly by, with nothing but an arm’s length … Read More...

The Midyear Experience

02010805.jpgThis is what every incoming freshman read when they received the Brandeis acceptance letter.

“Dear _______,

Congratulations and welcome to the Freshman Class of 2011.”

Followed by: “We are unable to accept you for admission for Fall 2007.”

When I …

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