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FICTION: Beads Part 7: Morocco

Sunlight flooded the room through the open window. A chilly spring breeze blew in, fluttering the curtains and several open folders on the desk. A half-packed suitcase lay open on the bed, amidst neatly folded clothing and other miscellaneous trinkets.… Read More...

FICTION: Beads Part 6: 'Reveal'

Ophelia sat numbly at the desk. Her hand rested on a piece of paper.

They didnt know how couldnt they know why didnt they know about me? she asked, her voice small, distant. She fingered the writing, reading the words … Read More...

FICTION: Beads Part 5: "Fear"

She woke with a start. Her body felt heavy, weighing down on the mattress. She could hear someone shuffling around her, but she imagined it would take too much effort to open her eyes. Then, the person stopped moving.

Hey …

FICTION: Beads Part 4: Truck

( … 9 years earlier )

Do you want me to drive? he asked, wiping away the last of the snow off the windshield. She waved him away from the door.

No, no. I can do it, she assured him, … Read More...


Editors Note: This is part three in a series of fiction columns.

They sat across from each other, Crawford sipping an iced black coffee, she picking absentmindedly at a napkin.

Whats in the suitcase? she ventured after a few silent … Read More...

FICTION: Beads: Suitcase

She waited, leaned back against the ticket counter of a particular airline she chose at length, watched the long lines moving slowly, all in silence. From her vantage point she could see almost the entire main entrance of the airport. … Read More...


Airport, please.


The taxi was small as far as cars went, in general. With her suitcase in the seat beside her, the tiny car reminded her more of a cage, and she, a helpless animal trapped in boots and … Read More...

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