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(AUDIO) Girl talks to Girl Talk

Hoot editor Danielle Gewurz interviewed Gregg Gillis about an hour before the concert. To hear the full interview, listen to the audio clip below. Selected parts of her interview follow.

<i>PHOTO BY Max Shay/The Hoot</i>

PHOTO BY Max Shay/The Hoot

What’s it like to be …

From Brandeis to Haiti: Widening the gap

02290814.jpgAre you tired of sitting in class after class, listening to the professor lecture, and spend each day just writing chicken scratch notes in your beat up 3 ring binder? Then maybe a Community Engaged Learning class is for you. … Read More...

Senator Carl Levin speaks in honor of MLK Day

HONORING KING: Michigan Democrat Senator Carl Levin delivers an address on Martin Luther King Day.U.S. Senator Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was the keynote speaker during Brandeis’s Martin Luther King Day celebration on, Jan. 21.

Charles Radin, Brandeis’s Director of Communications Operations and the moderator of the … Read More...

One Tall Voice: Not OK with MLK day

This past Monday, our university, and in fact many institutions across America, celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am sure that everybody liked to have the day off and I am no exception. Still, I feel that one … Read More...

Shopping for Truth: Why I don't have Facebook

facebook.pngIt’s one of the first questions people ask you when they meet you. It’s a way to scope out people before you meet them. It’s a way to keep in touch. What is it, you ask? It’s the obsession called … Read More...

Sexiled: Hung out to dry

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Edited by Andy Meyers

*Download* (2.63MB)

Foreplay has come and gone. So has he.

The lights are still on, which is never a good sign. You look better in the dark. Besides, this … Read More...

MLK Day becomes a four-day celebration

SINGING HIS PRAISES: Brandeis gospel choir, Voices of Praise, begin MLK Celebration by singing a black national anthem.It’s not easy celebrating the life of someone as well known and influential as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Maybe that’s why more than ten campus organizations, joined together to organize the third annual MLK Celebration spanning the course of … Read More...

Brandeis students study Palestinian-Israeli conflict at the scene

ISRAEL CAMPUS COALITION: Our guide standing on the remains of a house next to Gaza.Most people don’t visit the place where we were standing. Certainly not Birthright. Most people would be too scared to even set foot in the area at all, but there was our group of 41 Americans, from various college campuses, … Read More...

Clinton promotes ‘citizen involvement’ at Brandeis

1207071.jpgPresident Bill Clinton spoke to an audience of over 4,000 on Monday, as the first speaker for the Eli J. Segal ’64 Citizen Leadership program. Segal, who passed away in 2006, founded Americorps and worked as Clinton’s campaign chief of … Read More...

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