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MITs Star Wars – The Trilogy: The Musical takes the audience down the dark side

You would think MIT had it made when they secured the rights to perform the world premiere of Star Wars – The Trilogy: The Musical.

MIT, a Massachusetts educational stap…

Beanie Baby

Authors Note: This is a true story;

only the names have been changed. It is not meant to express an opinion;

merely to present a glimpse into a human life.

MNICA: My name is Mnica. Some…

The keys to the universe

Hey, hey. Over here. Look at this lamp. We need to take this lamp.

And where do you propose we put it, huh? Do you plan on waltzing out the front door with it hidden in your shoe?… Read More...

Swim Team, Freezepop, and Enon rock Brandeis

With bouncy electronic beats and odd bass work reverberating through the speakers, Enon opened up their set in Levin ballroom with The Nightmare of Atomic Men. Enons enterta… Read More...

Once upon a time there was a Shopgirl

The sound of music that is meant to tug at your heartstrings fills the theater and, as sweeping shots pan over Los Angeles, you get a distinct sensation that you are about to … Read More...

A letter to Yalile in the year 2015

Im going to watch you shine,
Going to watch you grow;

Going to paint a sign,
So youll always know:
As long as one and one are two,
There could never be a father
Who loved his …


For as long as I can remember, humans have been reproducing themselves through a well-known biological process known as reproducing themselves. Unfortunately, I cant … Read More...

Shakespeare, alive and well

Last weekend, Hold Thy Peace rocked Schwartz Auditorium with its production of William Shakespeares classic comedy Twelfth Night, directed by Stacy Lea Horowitz 07 an… Read More...

Sun Kills Mouse with Tiny City

Every music fan has their individual dream team: a band compiled of their favorite musicians into one massive supergroup. Yet, with the result of a number of actual supergrou… Read More...

Grandpas picture

“So say goodbye;

its Independence Day
Its Independence Day;

little boys must run away.
And just say goodbye;

its Independence Day
All men must make their way, come Inde…

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