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Surviving Sodexo: Perfect parfaits

This week’s recipe for a yogurt parfait is not directed toward a specific type of eater and is not made for a specific time of day. “It works for breakfast if I don’t feel like having eggs. It works for lunch if I want to have it with a salad. But also, for dinner, it is a really healthy alternative to dessert,” Alex Shapiro ’18, and avid parfait eater, said. The recipe below spells out how to make Alex’s homemade yogurt parfait—a sweet, light option to be consumed as its own meal, a delicious side dish or a dessert to top off any other dish.


1 ladle of Greek yogurt
1/3 spoon of craisins


Before spooning the yogurt into your bowl, stir it around in the container until it becomes slightly whipped. As Alex notes, the yogurt settles weirdly, so it is important to make sure it is smooth when placed in the bowl. Take the bowl of yogurt over to the salad bar, and add craisins. “The ratio is really important because otherwise it just turns into yogurt covered craisins,” Alex said. Because the spoon in the craisins bowl is relatively large, Alex suggests only filling the spoon a third of the way with craisins. On days when homemade granola is available by the bagel bar, sprinkle the granola on top of the yogurt. Lastly, take the bowl of yogurt to the tea and coffee area. There, look for the honey container with the skinny tip so “complete control” is available while honey is drizzled on top of the yogurt. It is most effective to drizzle the honey in a grid formation. Once drizzling is complete, stir all the ingredients together and enjoy the yogurt parfait!

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