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Eliana’s Advice: Dealing with messy roommates

Dear Eliana,
My roommate regularly leaves litter on my desk. I’ve asked him to dispose of it properly instead of using my desk as a landfill, but he didn’t listen. How do I get him to take out the trash?
–Trashy’s Roommate

Dear Trashy’s Roommate,
That is an unfortunate situation. If your roommate is going to leave trash on someone’s desk, it should be his own. You could be really passive-aggressive, and leave garbage on his desk as well, but I don’t recommend that strategy. If you’ve already talked to him about it and it hasn’t helped, then you might want to try talking to your CA. CAs have more power and can help talk some sense into your roommate, because they are trained to deal with this type of thing. Try to be patient, and keep explaining nicely how to throw out trash. Maybe also invest in Febreeze.

Dear Eliana,
Is it a good idea to room with my friends next year, or will we all hate each other by the end of the year?
–Afraid to be Homeless

Dear Afraid to be Homeless,
Housing is a very difficult time of year, and deciding who to live with is a hard and sensitive issue. Living with people can definitely affect friendships. The first thing to consider is whether you are living in the same room or just in a suite together. If it’s a suite, having your own space helps a lot. If someone gets on your nerves you can take a moment to cool off, or just get away from people. If you are in a double, then it is not impossible to room with friends, but you need to have a serious conversation about how that living situation would work. It is much better to express all of your concerns now than to just go for it and then hate each other by the end of the first month. Consider how often you see that friend now, and if spending considerably more time with them would be possible. It is definitely possible to live with friends without hating them by the end of the year, but all the people involved need to be willing to cooperate and communicate.

Dear Eliana,
I recently had the flu, and spent a good week lying in bed hoping I would finally get better. I’m now back to my normal self, but I’ve missed a week of classes! How would you recommend I go about catching up?
–Recently Ill

Dear Recently Ill,
The flu is the worst, and I’m glad you are feeling better. A week of classes feels like a lot to miss, but if you put in some time, it’s very possible to catch up. First, check LATTE and talk to your friends to find out what you missed. Most professors put up presentations and class work on LATTE. You can also ask classmates to give you notes or to explain what happened on the days you missed. Your next step can be to talk to Professors or TAs in person and have them explain concepts you missed or can’t understand without explanation. I also suggest looking at any readings that you had for the days you missed. Good luck!

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