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A-Board increases representation with new members

Alex Feldman ’19 and Arlyens Reyes ’19 were elected to the Allocations Board after a special election held after the passage of an amendment to the Student Union Constitution that expanded the size of A-Board.

Feldman was elected to a three-month seat that started in the fall of 2015 and is currently working with the rest of A-Board in the ongoing early marathon. Reyes was elected to a single-semester position that begins in the spring of 2016.

The amendment to the Student Union Constitution, which was passed on Saturday, Nov. 7 aimed to create a more stable A-Board by staggering elections so that there would never be a complete turnover, and a more efficient A-Board by increasing the number of members. In the special election, which occurred on Monday, Nov. 16, Feldman ran for the new three-semester position against James Porkola ’19 and Jeremy Koob ’17. Reyes ran for the new one-semester position against Jennifer Wu ’18.

In an interview with The Brandeis Hoot, Feldman said that he believes his position on A-Board is “a very direct way for my vision of [Brandeis] to come about.” Because his election to the A-Board occurred relatively close to marathon sessions, Feldman admits, “It’s a little bit messy so far, but I’m picking it up.” Feldman is currently working on the early marathon for the spring semester and says “everyone [on A-Board] is busy right now [and] working as a team, which is nice.”

Reyes, who doesn’t take up her position on the A-Board until spring of 2016, said in an email with The Hoot that her involvement with A-Board so far has “exposed [her] to lots of new things” and that “the other members have been helpful in trying to get me accustomed to the responsibilities that an A-Board member holds.” Reyes says that her interest in A-Board comes from her interests in business, economics and “in participating in a group that adapts fairness and logic into their decision making.”

Both Feldman and Reyes said that they were in favor of the increase in A-Board members due to the recent amendment. Reyes added that “with more members, the chances of having more representation in A-Board meetings is greater, which is what the Brandeis community needs.”

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