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The CA experience: challenging, but rewarding

Oh, to be a CA. A constant friendly face to pass on the way to the bathroom, a trusted confidant to help you get acquainted to new ways of life and simply great citizens of the community in general. Many might ask why one would want to be a Community Advisor, as it comes with a slew of added responsibilities and time commitments. However, the life of a CA can be extremely rewarding.

Meet Head CA Kira Levin ’17. Levin says she wanted to “foster a welcoming residential community” and applied to be a CA her first year, gradually progressing to become a Head CA throughout her time at Brandeis. “I wanted to be a CA so that I could foster a welcoming residential environment, provide resources to residents and ultimately, to make Brandeis a stronger community,” she says. The transition for incoming residents can be strenuous and bumpy, and Levin says she has “learned the importance of reaching out to residents and friends and checking-in. I truly understand how significant it is to connect people to resources.”

For Head CA Margot Farnet ’17, one of the most exciting things about the Department of Community Living is getting to “be a part of BEAST QUAD (East/Castle Quad). We have a lot of team pride!” Some may think that being a CA only means meticulous attention to the needs of the new residents, as making them feel at home is a top priority. However, Farnet disagrees, noting that, “Whether or not you are connecting with a large group of people or simply bonding individually with a group, feeling your community’s support is so valuable for young adults.” This means that Farnet pays extra attention to creating a welcoming and fun community that can bring the residents together in a fun and enticing way.

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