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Student Union Profile: Charlotte Lang

Charlotte Lang ’19 is the newly elected Village Quad senator. She has no prior experience in the Student Union, although she was Massell Quad’s secretary last year. Lang put her name in to run for Village senator, although she said she did not actively campaign.

Lang said she wanted to be on the Student Union this year because, “I feel like it’s a step up … like you can actually have more of an impact.”

She was not on any committees last year because Massell Quad secretary is a subset of the Department of Community Living rather than a part of the Student Union. This year, she is already a part of the Cow-G (Campus Operations Working Group) committee, and she plans on joining the Bylaws and Dining Services committees as well so she can represent the Village as well as the student body as a whole.

“I try to do a good mixture because I feel like even though I’m Village Quad senator I’m still a senator in the Student Union. So I think that’s where the committees come into play too, because with the Dining Committee, Bylaws, Cow-G, I try to focus more on the constituents as a whole in addition to the Village constituents,” she said.

Some of her specific goals to improve the Village include providing more outdoor lights on the unpaved steps and on the patio, providing a straightforward guide for navigating the Village and improving the gym and gym equipment.

Lang wants students to vote because “There’s a lot of people who say, ‘Oh I hate this or that about Brandeis,’ but the only way you can actually effect change is if you want to elect people who are going to do it for you or if you wanna do it yourself,” she said.

“I know that was one of my motivators. I know I actually wanted to be behind the scenes and be able to change it myself and not just be complaining about it.”

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