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Student body elects Emily Levine ’18 Student Union Treasurer

Elected from across the Atlantic Ocean, the role of Student Union Treasurer awaits Emily Levine ’18, when she returns to Brandeis in Fall 2017 after spending this Spring semester studying at King’s College in London, England.

“I hope to run the Treasury more efficiently and to increase the transparency between Treasury and club treasurers,” Levine told The Hoot via email.

Recognizing that many club leaders may not fully understand the reimbursement and payment process used by the Student Union, Levine says she will use her role as Treasurer to help make the process clearer.

Majoring in both economics and business, Levine has served as both Assistant Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer as well as the the treasurer for two clubs at Brandeis, Chabad at Brandeis and TAMID Group.

Her experience in various treasury roles has led her to understand the Student Union’s marathon and reimbursement process, Levine says. As Student Union Treasurer she will work with club leaders to pass her knowledge on.

“I am excited to help show students what initiatives the Union is working on,” Levine told The Hoot. “By working with clubs and seeing what they are spending University funds on, I will be able to get a better sense of what clubs are doing on this campus and can relay that over to the Union.”

From England, Levine ran a Facebook campaign using a cartoon caricature of herself, created using a smartphone app called Bitmoji, in many of her campaign ads.

Levine looks forward to “helping clubs, meeting new people and learning what students are up to on campus” as Treasurer.

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