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Club Spotlight: Campus Activities Board

Want to be more involved at Brandeis? Do you enjoy planning events and having the opportunity to host concerts and other fun events on campus? If so, the Campus Activities Board (CAB), previously known as Student Events, may be the right group for you!

One of the co-presidents, Alissa Fagin ’20, an Anthropology and Psychology major, says that CAB is going through a “rebranding process.” Their new slogan is “A new standard of fun,” which is representative of the club’s mission for this semester and beyond. “Our goal is the enjoyment of the students,” Fagin said, pointing out that the board hopes to create fun social events that students will enjoy and “be proud of” while on-campus instead of in the Boston area.

The board is made up of an executive board and general board members. Fagin leads E-board and general board meetings, essentially making sure that everything runs smoothly on “the macro things” with the help of their staff advisor, Steve Pagios. She explained that she oversees the executive board members, who at this point in the semester, are focused on marketing the board and on smaller details like ordering necessary supplies for future events.

The general board members participate on a volunteer basis, and can choose how much or how little they want to be involved in events throughout the semester. Fagin said that general board members can “volunteer at one event, or if you want to come to every meeting and be in tons of different committees,” then that is also great and encouraged. There is an unlimited amount of general board members, and the more there are, the better.

This semester, CAB has some exciting events coming up, the most well-known of which is Fall Flex, the fall semester concert on Oct. 21, Fagin said. This year, Brandeis is hosting X Ambassadors, known for their songs “Unsteady” and “Renegades.” The Concert Chair and their committee, members of the general board, help to decide every year what musicians will come to campus.

“We’re really excited because the fall concert hasn’t been a huge event in the past, and I think that according to our surveys, people wanted to see bigger names at our concerts.” She also explained that it will be a nice contrast to Springfest, as the band is more alternative, so they will cater to a lot of different music tastes.

Another fun and new event is X-Lawn, on Saturday, Oct. 14. The extreme event will feature bungee jumping, a rock wall, an extreme themed photo booth and free food provided by Blue Ribbon BBQ.

CAB hosts Family Weekend, which is taking place Oct. 26 to 30. That Friday, CAB will be hosting comedian Colin Jost in the Spingold theater. “We always try to get a comedian to come and Colin Jost is a big name, he was on SNL [Saturday Night Live] so we’re really excited about that,” Fagin expressed. She also said that a lot of work has been put into the variety show, taking place on Saturday night, and that it will be great for students and parents alike to see what students are accomplishing outside of their classes.

One of Fagin’s favorite events from last year was the ’Deis Food Fest, a food truck festival that took place on the Great Lawn. She helped plan it and create the playlist, and while she said it was a simple event, “it made people really happy, and there’s something to be said about that kind of simplicity.”

The Campus Activities Board cannot operate without general board members and is looking for more students! Fagin explains that there are lots of incentives, including meeting the artists who come to perform, making closer relationships with administration, free T-shirts and other items and the freedom to decide your level of commitment.

“It’s an amazing thing to be behind the scenes; when you put on the events and see other people benefitting from that, there’s nothing more satisfying,” she said. In addition to joining CAB’s listserv, general board meetings take place every Tuesday night at 8:15 p.m. in the SCC Multipurpose Room, where they split the meetings into both logistics and fun. Fagin herself became a member of CAB after attending one general board meeting out of curiousity, so if you even have a little interest, it is definitely worth checking out.

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