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Brandeis welcomes largest first-year class ever

On Aug. 26, the Brandeis campus welcomed 907 new students and 35 transfer students, the largest first-year class in the school’s history. Almost 100 Orientation Leaders (OLs), 77 Community Advisors (CAs) and various administrative staff assisted in the move-in process for all the incoming students.

The top five represented states of the incoming class are Massachusetts, New York, California, New Jersey and Connecticut, respectively. Almost 25 percent of the incoming first-years are students from Massachusetts. Overall, the class of 2022 is represented by 38 states, including Washington D.C., and 30 different countries, according to a BrandeisNow article.

On the high school careers of the incoming freshman, 14 were valedictorians of their high schools and 17 were class presidents. The average GPA of the students is 3.83 out of a 4.0 scale and 18 percent are first generation college students. Ninety-nine new varsity athletes have also set foot on campus to compete for Brandeis.

Orientation Week, or Deis Week, included 29 different events with the goal of preparing the first-year class for the new school year and the transition away from home.


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