Fencing splits on the weekend

February 8, 2019

Both the men’s and women’s teams split this past weekend at the Eric Sollee Invitational at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Schools also in attendance at the tournament were Yeshiva University, Hunter College, Haverford College, Stevens Tech, New York University (NYU) and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The men and women both defeated Yeshiva, Hunter and Haverford, while falling to Stevens, NYU and NJIT.

The women’s team won easily against Yeshiva and Hunter, winning all the events 27-0 against Yeshiva and dropping only two points to Hunter, winning 25-2. The men’s team fared equally as well, defeating Yeshiva 25-2 and Hunter 23-4. In their matches against Haverford, the women won 19-8 while the men won 18-9.

In the match against Stevens, both the men’s and women’s team kept it close. On the men’s side, sabre and foil both won, 7-2 and 5-4, respectively; however, an 8-1 win by the Ducks in epee helped them clinch the win. Women also won two of the events, 6-3 in saber and 5-4 in epee, however, a clean 9-0 sweep in foil cost The Judges the win.

The women’s team also went close with NJIT. The Judges and Highlanders split decisions, 5-4 in the foil and sabre. Foil went to Brandeis, while sabre went to NJIT. A 3-6 loss in epee gave the win to the Highlanders.

At their annual UAA showdown with NYU, the Violets passed up the Judges on both the men and women’s side. NYU swept the men in all the events, 7-2, to win 21-6 overall. The women’s side fared slightly better. They won epee 6-3 but were edged out in a 5-4 decision in foil and fell 7-2 in sabre, giving NYU the win 15-12.

Out of all the different sub-teams, women’s epee did the best during the weekend, winning five out of their six matchups. Led by Madeleine Vibert ’21, who was 13-3 on the weekend, Dakota Levy ’20 added to scores, going 12-5.

Joanne Carminucci ’19 led the Judges in foil, which went 4-2 over the weekend. Carminucci went 16-2 on the weekend, while Jessica Gets ’20 went 15-3. Rookie Jada Harrison ’22 helped sabre to a 3-3 split on the weekend with nine wins.

On the men’s side, sabre did the best, posting a 4-2 record. Leon Rotenstein ’19 went 9-5 over five matches, while three other fencers tied with seven wins each. Shawn Pyatetsky ’20 was among this group, losing only two matches throughout the entire weekend.

Both foil and epee split 3-3 on the weekend. All six fencers on the foil team were able to contribute between four to six wins throughout the weekend. Chris Armstrong ’20 led the epee fencers with a 11-6 record, the highest winner of all male Judges at the event, according to an article by Brandeis Judges.

The Judges end their regular season dual meet schedule at Brandeis against Boston College, Harvard University and MIT for the Beanpot Tournament at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

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