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Hoot recommends, April 5, 2019

“Terrace House” isn’t your average reality TV show. Instead of screaming and manufactured drama, it’s all real—or, at least, more real than most of what we see on reality TV. Originally a Japanese show and now being produced under the Netflix umbrella, each season follows six strangers—three men and three women—living in a house and getting to know one another. That’s it. But, surprisingly, such a quiet show can become incredibly tense. These are regular people trying to get along and find love. Watching them navigate relationships and try to figure out their lives is incredibly compelling television. —Noah Harper

Still curious about the unsolved art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum? So are WBUR and The Boston Globe, who recently produced the 10-episode podcast “Last Seen” to delve into the 28-year-old mystery and world’s largest unsolved art crime. The team talks to a slew of investigators, suspects, eyewitnesses and art heist experts; at the end of the series, they even wind up pursuing a lead that their investigative reporting helped uncover. At this point, the 13 valuable artworks are still at large, and the $10 million reward is unclaimed. Co-hosts Kelly Horan and Jack Rodolico artfully (no pun intended) narrate the podcast, taking listeners on a gripping account of the theft and continued mystery. —Sarah Terrazano

If you like stand-up comedian John Mulaney, there’s a good chance you’ll like his wife, Annamarie Tendler Mulaney, just as much or even more. Tendler Mulaney is likely not the person you’d expect her to be; she started out as a hair and makeup artist but has since taught herself how to work with textiles. Now, she creates and sells Victorian lampshades through her own business, Silk Parlor. You can find her incredibly detailed lampshades and other embroidered or woven artworks on her Instagram (@amtendler). Additional pleasing content to be found on Tendler Mulaney’s Instagram are photos of her impeccable fashion sense, sometimes pictured with Mulaney and their French bulldog, Petunia. —Abigail Gardener          

They say April showers bring May flowers, but so far April has been little more than sunshine complimented by a stiff breeze. I, for one, am glad that all we’ve seen is sunshine and blue skies which brings me to my recommendation: “Sky Blue Sky” by Wilco. It may not be the most jolly tune ever written, but it’s simple, sweet and hopeful. Two verses followed by a chorus, a delicate solo and another chorus. And Wilco gets it just right, with a sky blue sky, this “rotten time, doesn’t seem so bad, to me now.” To me, these sunny days and blissful sun have been all I need to get through a slough of assignments, job applications and work. —Ryan Spencer

“The Bold Type” is the best show on network television. The show follows three young women working at Scarlet magazine, loosely based on Cosmopolitan magazine. There’s Jane Sloan, the ambitious writer dying for a big break; there’s Kat Edison, the social media expert discovering new things about her sexuality; there’s Sutton Brady, the assistant dreaming of moving up the business ladder. The three are the best of friends, navigating through the treacherous waters of their personal and work lives. The new season starts April 9 on Freeform, so binge now! You can find it on the Freeform website or app, or on Hulu. —Emma Lichtenstein

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