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Students beat faculty in fundraising basketball game

Students beat faculty and staff 50-40 in a basketball game that accompanied a fundraiser to support causes at Brandeis.

The causes included the Brandeis Food Pantry, the Student Emergency Fund, the General Scholarship Fund, The Green Fund for Campus Sustainability, World of Work (WOW) Fellowships and the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC).

The six causes will share $10,000 donated by a Brandeis alumna. The money will be divided between the causes according to how additional donors vote in a challenge that the event called a #1Gift1Vote Challenge.

According to the challenge rules, a donation of at least $5 to one of the six causes also counted as a vote for that cause. The $10,000 will be divided among the causes according to what percentage of the votes each cause received.

Students opened the scoring in the first quarter and led throughout the game, if only narrowly.

The first quarter break saw a shooting challenge where a student could win $500 cash by making a layup, a freethrow, a three point shot and a half-court shot in under a minute. The participant, Camila Casanueva, made the first three shots but narrowly missed the half-court shot after several attempts.

At halftime, several students competed for a $50 cash prize in a game of musical chairs.

A dance off between the Judge mascot and “blue man,” someone dressed in a blue morph suit, entertained after the third quarter.

The faculty team managed to score in the closing seconds of the game, but it was not enough to come back against the students.

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