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Univ. introduces portal to campus visitation tools

The three requirements that are necessary to fulfill before visiting campus—training about the coronavirus, the Daily Health Assessment (DHA) and testing for the coronavirus—are now available through a single location, the Brandeis Campus Passport Portal, according to an email from Provost Lisa Lynch on Wednesday.

“We hope the Campus Passport Portal will reinforce our commitment to social solidarity around our health and safety, and that it will further instill confidence within our community that everyone you encounter on the Brandeis campus is abiding by and upholding the same high safety standards that we expect of ourselves and one another,” reads the email.

Lynch said that the portal was created to simplify accessing the requirements. The email asked that community members visit the Campus Passport Portal each time before they come to campus.

“We are incredibly grateful to each of you for helping Brandeis achieve a safe and promising start to the Fall 2020 Semester,” reads the email. “Thank you for reinforcing our community’s commitment to personal and shared health safety when visiting campus, by continuing to wear masks, hand-washing, and physically distancing.” 

In addition to centralizing the campus visitation tools, the portal provides a color-coded status indicating visitation eligibility: green, yellow and red. A passport will be green if the user has successfully completed all of the requirements for visiting campus, yellow if the user has completed all of the requirements but has not yet taken a test for the coronavirus that they are due for and red if the user has not completed any of the required steps to come to campus or has not passed their DHA. The portal will let users know which requirements must be completed to obtain a green or yellow status.

Community members that live on campus or visit campus more than three times a week are required to be tested twice a week, according to the Brandeis Testing for Fall plan. Community members visiting campus once or twice a week need to be tested weekly and individuals that come to campus less than once per week must be tested each time they come.

There is an option within the portal to report the link if it is not working properly.

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