Boston professors and professionals talk coping with confederate monuments

When dealing with confederate statues and monuments, the United States should look to how Germany has since dealt with its injustices after the Holocaust, according to professors who spoke in an online event on Monday. Germany’s Vergangenheitsbewältigung, which translates to “coping with the past,” refers to how the country has handled remembering the atrocities of […]

Professors go on strike to protest racial injustice in American higher education

Brandeis faculty members joined professors across the country in a two-day strike to draw attention to racial injustice in American higher education on Sep. 8. Professors walked out of their academic duty and implemented their educating roles about racism in non-traditional settings, such as social media, Youtube and other discussion platforms.  Professor Dorothy Kim (ENG) […]

ITS announces changes to LATTE, including significant decrease in file sizes

Information Technology Services (ITS) announced changes to LATTE, Brandeis’ online learning platform and the cornerstone of the university’s system of remote and hybrid classes during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Sept. 16. The most significant effect of the changes was to substantially reduce the maximum file size […]

Zoom class stereotypes

Seems like yesterday when we all moved into campus during the mid-August heat. All of us and our one move-in helper ran bags and boxes of our stuff up multiple floors. We came down all sweaty and wanting to take our masks off for just a moment to breathe, and there was DCL, “unable” to […]

Visiting a parallel universe: part II, the test

Welcome back to my long and complicated journey to be allowed back on campus. If you are here then chances are that you are sitting in the safety of your home and wondering what people who decided to torture themselves with Sodexo food (and come back to campus) have to go through twice a week. […]

To be born in the year of 9/11

One week ago, this country observed a solemn occasion of remembrance to mark the 19th anniversary of the September 11 calamity. Flags throughout America streamed from half-mast out of respect for the fallen, public schools fell into momentary silence and the site of the fallen towers were once again illuminated in twin pillars of light. […]

Sliding belief in American politics

As the United States heads into the November election, an increasing sense of frenzy has permeated the news field with daily revelations of scandals, severe liberal critiques of the current administration, conservative bashings of Biden and an overwhelming amount of coverage dedicated to the multiple ongoing crises. Turning on the news right now is looking […]

Brandeis everchanging: A eulogy to the dead Sherman Willow

To the rear of Sherman Dining Hall, encircled on three sides by the tired brick edifices of the Massell Quad, is a little pond. The body of water is largely inornate. There is a low stone wall at one edge and some shrubbery along the other. There is a bench too, which would be idyllic […]

The Djokovic disqualification and its greater impact on tennis

Dominic Thiem has officially been crowned the winner of the 2020 U.S. Open. For only the fifth time in sixteen years, the champion of the tournament was someone other than Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic, who are known around the tennis world as the “Big Three.” It is only the second time in […]

HealthBits: A platform that educates individuals “bit-by-bit” on public health

Sabreen Huq ‘22 and Maheeb Rabbani ‘23 have created HealthBits, an online platform that aims to provide resources to educate individuals on issues related to public health. HealthBits is an educational platform that is used to inform people creatively. As Huq explains, “we’re not just trying to shoot information at you because you can get […]

Grace Talusan to be featured in Boston Book Festival

Fannie Hurst Writer-in-Residence Grace Talusan has achieved extreme success this fall. Her short story “The Book of Life and Death” was chosen for the “One City One Story (1C1S)” Boston Book Festival program, and her most recent memoir “The Body Papers” has just won the Massachusetts State Book Award in nonfiction. “The Book of Life […]

Waltham Public Library seeks pandemic stories for archival project

The Waltham Public Library is looking to collect stories from the Waltham community on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their daily lives through a new survey. If you’ve ever wondered how everyday people dealt with the 1918 influenza pandemic, you might be interested in sharing your own pandemic story. By getting community members to […]

Was Lonelygirl15, a secretly scripted endeavor, ahead of its time?

Have you ever been a fan of daily vlogs? No, I am not referring to the Jake Paul style of highly produced content which has risen to popularity in the last five or so years. While I would like to give as little credit as possible to Jake and his peers, there is something impressive […]

“I’m Thinking of Ending Things:” A macabre breakup movie

Charlie Kaufman’s “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” odd, at times unbearably slow, pacing and hard-to-decipher surrealist atmosphere make it one of the most unsettling horror films of the last few years. Without the crutches of music, gore, character tropes, or a clear villain, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” will enthrall and frighten any Netflix viewer […]

The evolution of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has one of the most compelling character evolutions in the DC universe. She didn’t originate in comic books. Her first appearance ever was in a minor role in the episode “Joker’s Favor” on the show “Batman: the Animated Series,” which premiered in 1992. She was initially portrayed as the Joker’s sidekick and love […]

‘Lucifer’ season 5 review

Warning: this article contains spoilers from Netflix’s “Lucifer” season 5 Full of celestial action, intense revelations and a certain introduction that viewers will not want to miss, “Lucifer” surprised fans in many ways this season, including (and despite) the fact that only half of its episodes were released. Due to the coronavirus, production was shut […]

How ‘Euphoria’ speaks to generational trauma

The first season of “Euphoria” was released roughly a year ago, and it remains more relevant to Generation Z (or Gen Z for short) than ever. It manages to paint a picture of teen struggle in a way that feels relevant, even if the character’s lives don’t directly mirror common experiences.  The show takes place […]

Hypocritical commentary in ‘Cuties’ proves two wrongs don’t make a right

Several days prior to the release of French-Senegalese director Maimouna Doucouré’s debut, “Cuties,” the film went viral on social media. Per usual, Netflix had already added its poster and description to the site, giving subscribers a brief look at the upcoming project. Although I often check the streaming service for new arrivals, the first time […]