‘Lucifer’ season 5 review

September 18, 2020

Warning: this article contains spoilers from Netflix’s “Lucifer” season 5

Full of celestial action, intense revelations and a certain introduction that viewers will not want to miss, “Lucifer” surprised fans in many ways this season, including (and despite) the fact that only half of its episodes were released. Due to the coronavirus, production was shut down before they could finish filming all of season five. Rather than pushing the release of the season entirely, the producers came to the decision to release the first eight episodes, notably ending on one of the biggest cliffhangers the show has ever seen.

Starting with Michael (Tom Ellis), Lucifer’s identical twin from heaven, descending to Earth with the sole purpose of ruining Lucifer’s life, viewers were certain this season would be different. When this addition was first announced in the trailer, fans were skeptical. The “evil twin” archetype is a trope to say the least, but the impersonation aspect of the plot is diminished when the real Lucifer scars Michael during combat. Giving credit where it is due, Ellis’ ability to act the parts of both Lucifer and Michael astonished viewers. Giving each character different postures, mechanisms, and even unique accents truly brought the interactions between these “twins” to life.

Sadly, the return of the real Lucifer did not come soon enough to spare Chloe (Lauren German) from the news that she was a “miracle” created to be with Lucifer, a fact which viewers discovered back in season two. This is where the main plot of the season begins. As Lucifer tries to console Chloe, Michael has his own plan in the works, one which is not shown to the audience until episode six, at nearly the end of the abridged release. As part of Michael’s scheme, long-time character Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is finally shown Lucifer’s devil face, an event that would drive Dan over the edge.

To counterbalance all this action, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) provides a more in-depth analysis of the various aspects of parenthood. Considering the end of season four focused on Amenadiel and Linda’s (Rachael Harris) half-celestial child, it would have been strange if the show did not dive deeper into this part of Amenadiel’s life. Seeing the happy family he has created was a delight for viewers. Nonetheless, the bliss did not last for long as this too was to play a key role in Michael’s plan.

Despite their best efforts, certain character arcs did indeed fall short, but fans remain hopeful that this will change when the second half of the season is released. The main example of this is the character of Mazikeen (Maze), played by Lesley-Ann Brandt. While the show digs deeper into the emotional aspect of the character, showing the background of her mother Lilith and how Maze was abandoned, in almost every scene she is still either yelling, fighting or storming off. Not only this, but Maze sides with Michael during season five, despite her spending a literal eternity by Lucifer’s side. While this was ultimately chalked up to the anger she felt when Lucifer went back to hell without her at the end of season four, it still appeared as though their time together was no longer as important to her as it had been in previous seasons.

Furthermore, fans were upset to see Ella (Aimee Garcia) given a depressing storyline this season rather than the happy ending they feel she deserves. After introducing her as a lighthearted character in past seasons, the show quickly revealed her flaws and the “darkness” that lies within her. After many failed relationships with known criminals, it was exciting to see Ella find a “good guy,” or so we thought. After the realization that this man was indeed a serial killer, Ella was placed once again in the same continuous plotline fans hoped she would break out of seasons ago.

Full of twists and turns, nothing within the season compared to the last five minutes of episode eight, which would have fans on the edge of their seat. With one of the largest fight scenes in the history of the show, the first half of “Lucifer” season five ended with the introduction everyone was waiting for: God. Considering “Lucifer” was originally planned to have ended after season five, it is not surprising that this introduction was made. However, it will be interesting to see how this addition ties in now that “Lucifer” has been officially renewed for season six. 

While the first half of the season has its shortcomings, it is an enjoyable and entertaining watch as per usual for this series. Full of mysterious criminal acts and Lucifer’s witty tidbits, the first half of season five was worth waiting for. However, considering all major plotlines have been played out, season five would have been a natural end to the show. I suppose fans must remain optimistic that a season six renewal will not put a damper on the progress the show has made thus far, but there is a very real chance of a vexing next season. The second half of season five is set to release this fall, hopefully providing answers to all our questions.

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