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McDonald’s revisited: Travis Scott and spicy nugs

I went for a run yesterday. This is an activity that I do not undertake very often, so I thought my freshly beleaguered muscles deserved a reward. I immediately drove to McDonald’s, of course. What zoomer could resist the corporate call to action embodied by the Travis Scott burger?

When it comes to fast food, my usual plan is to spend as little as I can for as much as possible. The way I see it, once you start spending close to $8 on a meal, you may as well have gone to Five Guys. Thankfully, McDonald’s is a king of value. A high schooler can survive on 20-piece chicken nuggets. On the other hand, a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a drink will land a little under $7 before tax, which, while delicious, is definitely one of the more expensive items I would be willing to ask for at the drive-through.

This is where the Travis Scott meal could be appealing. For a flat pre-tax $6, you can get a bacon Big Mac with fries and a drink. The burger also has an extra slice of cheese, chopped lettuce, pickles and onions, all of which I happen to think are the best toppings, so I did not have any qualms. I was mildly disappointed when the lady over the intercom asked me what kind of drink I wanted. Obviously Sprite. That’s the canon answer. How else would I make my lean?

I also picked up a six-piece spicy chicken nugget because I wanted to see how they compared to the Wendy’s spicy nuggets. As you might expect, Wendy’s gets blown out of the water simply by virtue of nugget quality, but the spiciness itself was also much stronger in the McDonald’s variety. Though they possess an irradiated orange glow, the nuggets did not immediately send me to the bathroom. Real fans of spicy food will no doubt scoff at McDonald’s attempt at “spiciness,” and the “mighty hot sauce” that comes with the nuggets doesn’t increase the stakes by much. Those less fond of mouth-melting will find that the McDonald’s spicy nuggets offer a pleasant kick, but we should really all just save a few bucks and order the standard nuggets with a side of hot sauce.

I was pleased with my little trip to the golden arches, but the bill was much too high in the end! As much as I might love trap, Travis Scott is no excuse for overspending. Stick with the value items, and you will always be happy with McDonald’s.

Editor’s Note: This is one of three articles in the series “McDonald’s revisited.”

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