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In the Senate, Feb. 21

The Senate approved the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance’s request to formally change its name to the Intersectional Feminist Coalition (IFC). This is meant to distance the club from its former parent organization, the Feminist Majority Foundation, which no longer aligns with the purpose and values of the club. The IFC intends to be an all-inclusive, intersectional group at Brandeis.

The Senate passed the Senate Money Resolution (SMR) for an educational poster on making dental dams. This initiative was introduced in last week’s meeting by Class of 2023 Senator Skye Liu ’23, chair of the Health and Safety Committee. Liu plans to email the community advisors (CAs) on campus to put up the posters in their halls. 

Co-chairs of the Facilities and Housing Committee, Benjamin Topol ’24, Massell Quad Senator, and Griffin Stotland ’23, a Community Senator, introduced an amendment to revise the Facilities, Housing and Transportation Committee bylaws. It is meant to clarify and state its working relationship with the Department of Community Living (DCL), Department of Facilities Services and Department of Public Safety. The amendment will be voted on at next week’s meeting. 

The Senate confirmed seven students to the Constitutional Review Task Force, a group of undergraduate students and alumni who are instructed to conduct a full review on the Student Union Constitution and Bylaws every three years. The members of the Task Force confirmed at the meeting include Student Union President Kendall Chapman ’22, Associate Justice Sophia Reiss ’23, Executive and Class of 2022 Senator Joseph Coles ’22, Asher Brenner ’24, Class of 2023 Senator Adian Vinograd ’23, Associate Justice Gabriella Lieberman ’23 and Director of Residential Life Nancy Zhai ’22.

Chair of the Social Justice and Diversity Committee Noah Risley ’24 shared plans to meet with Julián Cancino, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center, regarding the pronouns available for use on Workday. Risley also reported that they sent the Health and Wellness survey to first year students and already received responses. 

Chair of the Dining Committee, Ashna Kelkar ’24 announced that the salad bar is back at Usdan and vegan burgers will be available in both dining halls on campus soon.

Courtney Thrun ’22, chair of the Services and Outreach Committee, stated that the committee now has an Instagram account and hopes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with goodie bags for students. 

Liu reported that some buildings on campus are missing condom dispensers. Chris Tian ’24, Class of 2024 Senator, expressed concerns about the current Health, Wellness and Life Skills (HWL) courses specifically geared for first year students due to the time commitment and group assignments. 

Stotland also reported issues with waste management at residence halls and ideas to improve campus transportation.

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