In the Senate, March 14

March 19, 2021

Various Student Union members, including chair of the Health and Service Committee, Class of 2023 Senator Skye Liu ’23, and the Facilities, Housing and Transportation Committee co-chairs, Massell Quad Senator Ben Topol ’24 and Community Senator Griffin Stotland ’23, are working with the developers of the Branda app to improve app’s tracking of the BranVan, as well as making the COVID-19 campus passport more easily accessible through the app. 

Courtney Thrun ’22, chair of the Services and Outreach Committee, introduced a Senate Money Resolution (SMR) for Midday Getaway, an alternative to Midnight Buffet, which will have a “beach type of environment.” Students will have the chance to pick-up snacks and bucket hats, as well as have the opportunity to participate in activities for $50 Amazon gift cards. Opportunities will also be available for students off campus to receive prizes. 

Co-chair of the Social Justice and Diversity Committee, Noah Risley ’24, announced that they have started to work on interviews with female staff and faculty members around campus in honor of Women’s History Month, which will be broadcasted on the Union’s social media pages once they have been completed. Director of Athletics, Lauren Haynies, was the first to be interviewed. They are also currently drafting a mission statement for the Union. 

Liu is also working with facilities to install outdoor lighting and tables and chairs under the outdoor tents around campus as the weather improves. 

Through the help of the Community Engagement and Emergency Fund (CEEF) and the Union, towel hooks will be installed by the sinks in all corridor hall-style housing on campus, including East Quad, North Quad and Massell Quad. 

Topol and Stotland introduced a SMR for picnic tables in Massell Quad for students to use as the weather improves later on in the semester. The picnic tables will have brass plaques stating the Union’s donation of the tables.  

Class of 2021 Senator Jesse Zucker ’21 and Community Senator Selah Bickel ’24, co-chairs of the Senate Sustainability Committee, are working with Director of Residential Life, Nancy Zhai ’22, on a compost bin initiative where individual compost bins will be placed in dorms. A trial run will be conducted in the Foster Mods, as well as another residential quad on campus. 

Executive and Class of 2022 Senator Joseph Coles ’22 presented a bylaws amendment to the current SMR amendment that would add language requiring all future SMRs to have the “Student Union name and/or logo visible whenever possible,” according to the proposal. 

Brandeis Television Club will appear before the Senate at a later date to present their case for why they should remain a secured club. Brandeis Consulting Club and Open Mic Club will appear before the Senate as part of the chartering process.

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