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I did not lose my cool over ‘Zero Chill’

“Zero Chill” on Netflix is cheesy, poorly made and wildly over dramatic—so obviously I watched it all in one day. The show follows a pair of twins, a figure skater and a hockey player, who move from Canada to England. However, in true Netflix fashion, the show creates intricate plot lines for basically every character on the screen, resulting in a cluttered mess. Despite all my issues with the show, it was a great way to waste almost five hours. 

So technically the two main characters are Mac (Dakota Taylor) and Kayla (Grace Beedie), a set of 15-year-old twins. The family moves all the way to England because Mac, the hockey player, receives an offer to play on an exclusive juniors league team, one that is run by hockey star Anton Hammarstrom (Oscar Skagerberg) and churns out international stars. Kayla is understandably mad about this turn of events, as she had to leave behind Jacob (Kenneth Tynan), her best friend and pair skating partner. Though there are a million other plot lines, these two are at the center of all of them, even when the situation is none of their business. 

Both of these characters are completely unlikeable. Both of them are constantly calling the other out for being selfish and self-centered, but it’s really just the pot calling the kettle black. I lost track of how many times someone screamed something along the lines of “not everything is about you!” I’m pretty sure it happened at least twice an episode. The two are both annoying and whine over every little thing. At the end of each episode, they apologize to whoever they were fighting with and come to a resolution, only to get into more petty drama the very next episode. It’s exhausting. 

The side characters are more tolerable, but even then, there’s no one great. Since every episode doesn’t have to revolve around them, there’s no pointless confrontation, but no one is particularly well-written. If I had to pick a favorite, then Bear (Jeremias Amoore) would be the best character. He’s the captain, one who is unfailingly loyal, protective of his little brother and big on team cohesion. He’s also got a slew of other issues in his life that make him the only truly three dimensional character! It’s a lot of character to put into a 15-year old. 

Almost every main character is supposed to be 15, a bold choice considering how everyone in the show looks to be at least 20 years old. In some outfits and makeup, even the “Riverdale” cast is more believable as high schoolers. There is not a single person that can pass for 15 except for maybe Bear’s little brother, Sam (Leonardo Fontes). His age is never specified, but he’s implied to be a little too young and too small for hockey. Like much of the show, this is never cleared up. 

This show isn’t all trash, though. Some of the plot lines were genuinely interesting. As mentioned earlier, Bear’s plot is mostly entirely family based as he deals with the struggles of caring for both his brother and his absentee father. Ava’s (Anastázie Chocholatá) plot, also revolving around family, had me pretty gripped. She’s a figure skater living with her mother, but also Anton’s daughter. She is a pro figure skater who dreams of hockey despite her mother’s insistence on figure skating. After a rebellion inspired by Mac, she ends up leaving figure skating for hockey, proving that she’s a beast of a goalie. 

Also on the ice was Sky (Jade Ma), Kayla’s new best friend who secretly skates away from her mother’s prying eyes. Her mom wants her daughter to stay safe, as she previously had leukemia, but Sky wants to do more than just work at the ice rink. I’m still not sure if the show handled this intense topic well, but it was interesting to watch. It leads to multiple illegal pair skates and a slime fight in a hospital. Like I said, half of this show doesn’t make sense, but it is fun to watch. 

“Zero Chill” is not a great show. Each episode is only about 20 minutes long, and with only 10 episodes, you’ll fly right through. I can’t in good faith recommend it to watch, but if you love terrible television shows as much as I do, then this is right up your alley.

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