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In the Senate, April 1

The senate voted on the chartering of five new clubs: Brandeis Crafts and Conversations, Brandeis Open Mic Intercultural Club, Brandeis German Club, B’yachad Israel Dance Troop and Brandeis Sports Analytics Club. All clubs were established by a vote of acclimation. 

Jessie Friedman ’22 presented on behalf of Brandeis Crafts and Conversations saying it is a collaborative space for people to do crafts as well as learn new crafts. Friedman said the club wanted to be charted in order to provide members with supplies for themed crafts and for teaching days of new crafts. Racial Minority Senator Jasmyne Jean-Remy ’22, said she went to a club meeting as a part of club support and everyone was engaged with the activity. No one opposed the establishment of the club. 

Joel Stern ’24 and Jay Gonzalez ’24, co-presidents of Brandeis Open Mic Intercultural Club (OMIC), explained that the club would focus on rap, spoken word poetry, creative writing and music production to create an open space where people can express their creativity.  They would like to collaborate with other clubs on campus and potentially have guest speakers. The senate voted by acclimation, no one opposed the establishment of the club. 

Julia Braeunig ’23, Kevin Brazile ’24 and Joel Stern ’24 presented the Brandeis German Club. Their club is open to everyone to learn the language and culture. They requested to be chartered so they could use the funding towards cultural food, field trips to German cultural sites and guest speakers. The senate voted by acclimation, all were in favor of establishing the club. 

Raquel Feldman ’24 presented on behalf of B’yachad, an Israel Dance Troupe. The club was requesting to be chartered because it would offer a unique campus cultural opportunity. B’yachad used to be tenured on campus, in 2017 the club was de-chartered due to poor leadership, according to Feldman. The club has had more than 25 dancers sign up for membership. The senate voted by acclimation, all were in favor of chartering the club. 

Co-presidents of Brandeis Sports Analytics Club, Jakob Newman ’23 and Eitan Leff ’23, presented on behalf of the club, requesting to be chartered. The club will provide a space for athletes and sports fanatics to discuss and develop projects about areas of interest they have about different sports. Their goal is to post their projects to an online forum. They requested to be chartered so they could have funding to pay for subscription fees to statistical databases which could provide good research for their projects. The senate voted by acclimation, all were in favor of chartering the club. 

Many of the committees did not meet this past week due to scheduling conflict with the holiday, they moved their meetings to later in the week. 

Co-chair of the Social Justice and Diversity Committee, Noah Risley ’24, announced that they have been working on the Heath, Wellness and Life Skills survey. The committee will be meeting with the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center, Julián Cancino, to collaborate. 

Chair of the Dining Committee Ashna Kelkar ’24 announced rooftop dining has opened in Sherman dining hall. The committee is also planning a TikTok night with foods that went popular on the app TikTok. 

Chair of the Club Support Committee Joseph Coles ’22 said they met last week and listened to the five clubs which presented at the meeting. There was one club which the committee voted not to move forward due to logistical concerns. 

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