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Wendy’s new sauce and chicken sandwich Pringles?

Wendy’s never seems to fail to surprise us. Just as we were on our way to try their new spicy sauce, we saw Wendy’s spicy chicken flavored Pringles, which we of course had to try.

Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce

The Wendy’s website says this about the new sauce: “ghost peppers are some of the spiciest of all peppers. Our creamy buttermilk ranch is one of the best of all sauces. Together, they’re so good—and hot—it’ll make you cry.”


Okay guys, I will tell you up front that this sauce is GREAT. It solidly replaces creamy sriracha as my favorite Wendy’s sauce. Not only does it provide the kick that I have finally been looking for in a fast food sauce, but it tastes delicious alongside it. It is very creamy and is a perfect amount of spice: it is not too hot that I have a hard time eating it, but it is definitely hot enough for me to feel it. The only suggestion that I have for this one is that it is called ghost pepper ranch sauce. To be honest, if anything has ghost pepper in it, I would expect it to burn my tongue off, but this is just a minor quarrel. I would give this an 8.5; I would love to see Wendy’s put this sauce in a chicken sandwich.


This sauce is not making anyone cry, at least not in our household. When I first tried it, it seemed underwhelmingly not spicy. I even put my tongue right into the sauce packet (I had my own) and it wasn’t really spicy. That is not to say that the sauce was not delicious, it really was. I am also happy to say that the spice does build up, after I finished the entire packet of sauce I did feel spice on my tongue. I do wish it was not an aftertaste, but a consistent spice throughout. Overall, I think this is my favorite Wendy’s sauce, and I would also rate it an 8.5.

Pringles Wendy’s Spicy Chicken

These chips are described as “a snack that allows you to enjoy the magic of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken in a single Pringles crisp that fits just between your fingers, perfect for everyday and everywhere snacking moments,” on the website. You also get a code for a free chicken sandwich inside each of the cans.


I think that we were both very intrigued when we saw these chips. They were a collaboration between Wendy’s and Pringles, and included one of my favorite fast food chicken sandwiches. To be honest, I hardly expected these chips to taste like Wendy’s chicken, and this was definitely true when I only took a single chip and bit into it: there was not much flavor, and it was hard to tell what the chip was trying to mimic. However, when I took a whole stack of four chips and shoved them into my gluttonous pie-hole, I am positive I tasted Wendy’s chicken. It was actually quite a strange sensation: my taste buds were saying “WENDY’S CHICKEN SANDWICH,” while the texture was saying “POTATO CHIPS.” Overall, I would give these chips an eight out of 10. I’m not sure if I would buy this again, but it was a great experience the first time!


I did not have high expectations for these chips; I thought they would be like any other weird food-flavored chips. Well the chips are definitely weird, but for me, what makes them weird is how much they actually taste like Wendy’s spicy chicken. My brain was very confused as to why I taste chicken while eating chips. The chips were surprisingly spicy; they are actually spicier than the actual chicken, which is beyond ironic since the sandwich itself is really not spicy enough. Overall, I would rate it an eight, but I do not know if I’d buy them again; they weren’t bad but still so weird.

Overall, Wendy’s is really stepping up their game, both with their actual sandwiches, sauces and now, even chips.

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