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Student Union announced special election winners

The Student Union 2021 Fall Round 2 Elections opened on Sep. 29, according to an email sent by James Feng ’22, Student Union Secretary and Chief of Elections. Students had 24 hours to vote in the elections; all positions ran unopposed in this election.

The Senate positions being voted for included: Charles River Community Senator, Ziv and Ridgewood Community Senator, Off-campus Community Senator, Foster Mods Community Senator and Senator-at-Large. 

The Branch representative position students could vote for is the Junior Representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. There was also a vote for an Allocations Board position open; it is a one-year seat as an Allocations Board member. 

Griffin Stotland ’24 won the Charles River Community Senator position. Stotland received 77.98 percent of the vote.  

Jeremiah Lemelson ’23 won the Foster Mods Community Senator position. Lemelson won with 77.98 percent of the vote.

Zachary Zhang ’22 with 77.98 percent of the vote won the Ziv and Ridgewood Community Senator. 

The Off-campus Community Senator position was won by Anna Jacobson ’25. Jacobson won with 77.06 percent of the vote. 

Samantha Shortall ’23 won the Senator-at-Large position. Shortall received 82.57 percent of the vote. 

For the Junior Representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Branch Representative position Max Lerner ’23 won. Lerner received 83.33 percent of the vote. 

Shiv Chawla ’23 and Justin Goldenberg ’23 were elected for the two Allocations Board Member positions that were open. Chawla received 42.20 percent of the vote and Goldenberg received 45.66 percent of the vote. 

For this election, 109 students voted, according to the vote breakdown sent by Feng on Sep. 30. This is the second round of elections hosted by the Student Union this semester, to fill positions on the Senate, Allocations Board and Branch Representative.

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