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Alumni return for Homecoming

On Saturday, Oct. 9, many Brandeis alumni returned to campus to celebrate Homecoming. This year, the annual celebration of Homecoming featured both men and women’s soccer competing against Case Western Reserve University, along with two volleyball matches, according to an email sent out by the athletics department. In addition to the sports games, the event also featured three food trucks. Two of these food trucks featured pizza and tacos, and the third one featured ice cream. Additionally, the first two hundred students that arrived at Homecoming received free food and ice cream vouchers that they could then redeem at the food trucks.

There were events and festivities that were catered towards both alumni and any younger family members. There was a complimentary beer garden along with an athletics gear sale for any alumni looking to support the university. There were also many events that catered towards younger family members. There was a bouncy house, cornhole and even a petting zoo. The petting zoo included animals such as chickens, guinea pigs, baby goats and rabbits. There were also ponies that children would be able to ride or walk around with.

There were many events during Homecoming in addition to the festivities. Some events that also occurred during Homecoming include a swimming and diving alumni meet at 9:30 a.m., a fencing alumni meet at 11 a.m., and a women’s basketball alumni game at 10 a.m. These events allowed many of the alumni to get back into the sport that they played while they were competing for Brandeis.

Many of the students enjoyed the event too. When questioned about what they thought of the event, the food and the pony, club tennis player Matthew Colbert ’23 stated that the “chicken taco was good. Pony was short and fat. Not quite as cool as Li’l Sebastian but still pretty cool.” Li’l Sebastian is the name of a pony found on the television series “Parks and Recreation.”

Although the main segment of Homecoming was on Saturday, there were some events that were left for Friday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 10. For example, a women’s soccer alumni game was featured at 6:30 p.m. on the preceding Friday, while a men and women’s tennis alumni tournament was featured on Sunday, Oct. 10.

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