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Swimming and diving open season with wins

The Brandeis swimming and diving team traveled to New York to compete in their first competition of the season, the Hartwick Relays, on Oct. 16 and 17. Both the men’s and women’s teams won against five other teams. 

The men’s team won with 136 points for the team, followed by Hartwick College and Le Moyne College with 96 points each. Oneonta College took fourth place with 72 points, followed by St. Rose College with 50 points. The women’s team won with 126 points, followed by Le Moyne College with 98 points. St. Rose College came in third with 90 points, followed by Oneonta College in fourth place with 86 points and Hartwick College in fifth place, with 64 points. Of the 21 races held during the competition, the Judges won 15 of them. 

Brendon Lu ’22 got four wins for the team, in the mixed 200-medley relay, the 400-medley relay, the 3×200 IM relay and the 3×100 breaststroke relay. The four wins was the highest number of wins on the team. Seven others on the men’s team had three wins for the team. Austin Shih ’24, George Zhu ’24, Tal Sector ’24 and Ido Petel ’24 had three wins each. 


Andrew Ngo ’24 swam in the 850-crescendo relay, the 400-yard medley relay and 3×200-IM relay, which were winning races. Sam Dienstag ’24 swam in the 200-free relay, the 400-medley relay and the 850-crescendo relay, winning all three races. James Barno ’23 took part in the 3×100 butterfly relay, the 3×100 free relay as well as the 200-yard medley relay. 


Three people on the women’s team contributed three wins. Bailey Gold ’23 won the 800-medley relay, the 400-medley and the 3×100 butterfly relay. Olivia Stebbins ’22 contributed wins in the 800-medley relay, the 400-medley and the 3×100 breaststroke relay. 


In her first collegiate competition, Chloe Gonzalez ’25 also contributed three wins for the team. She participated in the winning 200-free relay, the women’s 400-medley relay and the mixed 200-medley relay. 


The Brandeis swim and dive team will have their next competition on Saturday Oct. 23 at the Linsey Pool at 1 p.m.

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