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In the Senate Oct. 31

Emily McKerrow ’24 from Herbicide Free Brandeis attended the Senate meeting seeking probationary status for the club. Probationary status is the 12-week period in which new clubs develop and prove their ability to pursue or fulfill their purpose before getting chartered and being officially recognized as a club, according to the Bylaws of the Student Union.

McKerrow presented a slideshow, explaining the workings of the club, the mission and some of the activities the club had organized. “Herbicide Free is a club that advocates for the organic landcare of campus to create a safer and more sustainable living and learning environment,” McKerrow explained during the slideshow. When asked why the club wanted to be chartered, McKerrow claimed that being chartered would allow them to receive funding for events as well as being “officially recognized” as a club.

Joseph Coles ’22 asked if the club had a treasurer, to which McKerrow claimed she was unsure if the club had one or not.

Once McKerrow was moved into the waiting room for the Senate to discuss, Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 mentioned that the club seemed to be “disoriented” and said, “I feel that their club is a great idea, but it needs guidance.” The Senate agreed to have the Club Support committee meet the club so that they would be able to present again next week, postponing the vote until then.

The Senate discussed some Senate Money Resolutions (SMR) surrounding the “Midnight Buffet” event that is coming up.

One SMR was regarding ordering 500 t-shirts for the event, costing $2,375 and the other was the SMR regarding the food that would end up costing around $6,300.

Shannon Smally ’22 mentioned that costs are high because there are more students on campus than there were last year, meaning there would be more students to accommodate for the event. 

Thrun claimed that plans are underway to have memberships for Calm and Headspace to be available to students that are on campus. 

Skye Liu ’23,Chair of the Health and Safety committee, clarified that the Student Sexuality Information Services (SSIS) is in charge of refilling Plan B in the vending machines around campus. Plan B was reported to be running out in the vending machine located in the Shapiro Campus Center. Since it was not the job of the Health and Safety committee, it has not been refilled yet.


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