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In the senate 11/14

Starting off their meeting, the Senate heard from multiple clubs petitioning them to be chartered. The first club who presented to the senate was the “Quant Club” or Quantitative Finance and Modeling Club. This club is planning on being an intersection between computer science, mathematics and economics. They are also hoping to work on large projects and hoping to participate in quantitative competitions if chartered. 

Deliberation began with many questions and comments from different senators concerned about the niche topic of the club, wondering if they would be able to gain and maintain adequate membership. Senators agreed that the presenters had a hard time explaining their club goals and topic in simple enough terms for beginners and those inexperienced in the field to understand. Nicholas Kanan ’23 offered a different perspective and mentioned that the intended members of this club seem to understand the topic, and that is all that matters for the club. 

After an approximately 20-minute-long deliberation, the senate came to the conclusion that the Quant Club presenters should return next week with a clearer and more understandable explanation of their club. The senate will decide whether or not to charter the club at that time. 

The Brandeis Undergraduate Consulting Club Establishment was scheduled to follow the Quant Club but there was no one there to speak on the club’s behalf.

Herbicide Free Brandeis then presented to the senate. Herbicide Free Brandeis presented to the senate at an earlier time, but was asked to return with a clearer budget plan. Presenters explained the club mission of advocating for organic land care at Brandeis in order to create a safer and more sustainable environment on campus. Herbicide Free Brandeis is a chapter of a national organization, Herbicide Free Campus. The club is planning on asking for a $2,500 budget per semester to pay for merchandise, event materials, educational movie screenings, workshops, outreach and flyers. Herbicide Free Brandeis is open to all undergraduate students. 

The senate spent about two minutes deliberating, and Herbicide Free Brandeis was confirmed a chartered club by a unanimous vote by acclamation. 

Brandeis Women’s Volleyball Club (BVC) presented. The club’s representative discussed the differences between volleyball clubs on campus, and explained that there is no club for high level competitive play for non-men at Brandeis. The BVC plans to create the same opportunities that the men’s volleyball club has for anyone who doesn’t identify as a man. The club hopes to use funding to pay for support coaching. The representative also mentioned how the club cannot be considered a club sport since there is a varsity women’s volleyball team on campus, which surprised some senators. 

Deliberation was short once again and the senate affirmed the Brandeis Women’s Volleyball Club’s petition for charter with a unanimous vote by acclamation. 

Student Union Vice President Courtney Thrun ’22 then moved on to describe upcoming events and updates. Thrun mentioned an upcoming Wellness Day on Friday, Nov. 19 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Additionally, flu shots are available in the Health Center by appointment, and Midnight Buffet will be held on Dec. 8 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

Next were very quick committee chair reports. Dining Committee chair Ashna Kelkar ’24 discussed the issue of keeping vegetarian utensils separate from utensils used for meat, and that the dining survey sent out to students is due this week. 

Health and Safety chair Skye Liu ’23 confirmed the refilling of condom dispensers in residence halls on Nov. 21. 

Charlotte Li ’24, club support chair, mentioned how she is attempting to compile information on club founding dates, and is meeting to work with new clubs. 

The sustainability senator, Peyton Gillespie ’25, mentioned voicing support for Brandeis Climate Justice’s recent divestment article, and is working with club support to have clubs work on more sustainable practices. 

Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund (CEEF) chair Camaron Johnson ’25 discussed renovations of the Intercultural Center and mentioned how North Quad beautification is almost finished. 

Allocations Board (A-board) chair Gonzalo Palafox ’25 updated the senate on A-board matters such as continued preparation for marathon and updating A-board office hours to be both on Zoom and in person. 

The senate also explained a new amendment to candidate bio formats. This change would add a link to candidate bios in the official election ballot message, which would make elections more accessible. Voting on this change will occur next week. 

Finally, a few senators reported on what they have been working on at the end of the meeting. Sahil Muthuswami ’24 returned to the topic of East Quad “dingles” being consolidated from last Sunday’s senate meeting. Muthuswami met with DCL regarding the situation who explained to him there is nothing that can be done by students about this process, and that they have no say in how it is going to work. Muthuswami explained that the only thing students in this situation can do is make sure their new roommate pairing is compatible. 

Peyton Gillespie ’25 finished off the meeting by discussing a proposed Massell Pond beautification project, planning on potentially planting plants around the pond to deoxygenate it and therefore make it less murky looking.


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