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CBS News ranks univ. 25th most expensive college in America

A recent CBS News report published on Jan.14 ranked Brandeis University as the 25th most expensive college in the country. It also ranked 49 other colleges in its list of the 50 most expensive colleges in America. 

The article reported that the university costs approximately $76,141 per school year. Brandeis fell between Bennington College at 26th place and Tufts University at 24th place. The University of Chicago topped the list. 

According to the article, CBS compiled its ranking based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics, which “ranks the 50 most expensive four-year institutions in America by their published out-of-state tuition, annual fees and residential charges.” The article noted that the prices listed for each college were determined without calculating need and merit-based scholarships.

The report points out that while some schools have alleviated their financial demands because of the challenges to on-campus life posed by COVID-19, the tuition prices of more expensive colleges remain controversial. CBS makes mention of a highly publicized federal lawsuit against 16 elite universities, 11 of which are listed in the article, for fixing tuition prices and withholding aid from students with financial need. Brandeis University is not included in this list. 

In the last report from CBS News on the 50 most expensive colleges in America, published in 2012, Brandeis ranked 14th on the list with an average total cost of $56,516.

The Brandeis website currently lists the tuition cost for a first-year in the 2021-2022 academic year as $59,408. Supplemented by the Student Activity Fee and the cost for room and board, this adds up to a total annual cost of $76,456. This does not include the cost of books and personal expenses. 

The website includes a Cost of Attendance Calculator for students to determine their individual tuition price, as well as a Net Price Calculator for prospective students to estimate their financial aid package and a link to MyIntuition, an app used to estimate a student’s eligibility for need-based scholarships.

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