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Senate log 3/13

The Brandeis Chess club, also referred to as Deis Chess, was successfully chartered during last Sunday’s senate meeting. The representatives of the club that attended the meeting were the two co-presidents, Zared Cohen ’25 and Marcus Sutton ’25, who shared a presentation explaining the workings of the club. 

The club will harbor a community of players, both newcomers and experienced players who can play against each other and learn new strategies, according to the student presenters. One of the main reasons that Deiss Chess was seeking to become a chartered club was that they needed funding to pay a US Chess Federation (USCF) membership for club members. The fee costs $32 per individual, to participate in competitive events. 

The club would also request funding for clocks, chess sets and to cover potential transportation costs when competing against other schools. As the Senate sponsor for the club, Peyton Gillespie ’25 said that “their organization is amazing.”

Representatives from the Brandeis Pokemon club will be attending next Sunday’s senate meeting to potentially get chartered as a club.

Ashna Kelkar ’24 mentioned that the union will be holding elections to fill up the slots freed after senator resignations. 

Joseph Coles ’22 raised his concern that holding elections on April 4 goes against the constitution as the elections would be held beyond the 14-day period after resignations. Kelkar said that the reason they decided to push it back was that the students that were potentially interested in running were so small that “it didn’t make sense” to run the election within the timeframe. 

Instead, moving it back would allow more time for students to think about running and potentially get more candidates running. “Honestly it’s a gamble, but it’s better to have this gamble than only having a few people run for multiple positions,” said Kelkar. 

The student union will also be holding a round of special elections to fill up a few positions that will be active for the rest of the semester. 

There is one seat open for the senator for the Class of 2023, the senator for Foster Mods, the senator for Skyline and Rosenthal. An Allocations Board member for a two-semester seat as well as a seat for a CEEF representative will be open. Elections will take place on April 4. 

The student union discussed plans to hold an outdoor festival event on Saturday, April 2. The event will give clubs and groups or individuals a chance to perform an item to showcase their talent.

More information on registering for auditions was sent out to students via email.

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