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In the senate 4/24

During the last two senate meetings of the semester, a few clubs were chartered.


Leo Chen ’23 from the Brandeis Impact club attended the meeting to share the workings of the club to the Union. According to his presentation, the club is a social impact organization that aims to build bridges between students and the “not for profit world.” This would enable students to have access to a vast networking system and access to industry leaders while providing opportunities to work on the marketing and operation of Deis Hacks, a hackathon held by the university. After asking a series of questions, the club was officially chartered.


The Salvation International Prayer Youth Ministry (SIPYM) club was also chartered once the President Agnes Nkansah ’22 and the Vice President Ohemaa Pipim ’24 presented the workings of their club. According to their presentation, the club is a Bible-believing youth group that aims to support Christians and help them navigate their college journey through fellowship and corporate prayer. 


Tamara Rubin ’25 was able to charter the Brandeis Poker Power club. According to their presentation, the Poker Power aims to create a feminist communitiy of allies through teaching and learning poker which is considered a male dominated game. The club will be open to any student that wishes to join. Rubin claims to have taught poker for the past two years and plans to hold poker lessons followed by playing as a part of the club. Rubin also mentioned that she plans to bring in a few professional female poker players as a certain club event.


Ido Dinnar ’24 from the Brandeis Pottery club attended the senate meeting to gain permission to perform a constitution change for the club. Some of the changes included an updated statement of non-exclusivity, clarity and update how instructors are appointed and their responsibilities. The constitution change would also include the expansion of e-board roles, where there would be vice treasurer, secretary and communications director, and technical director while clarifying the responsibilities of each of these new roles.


Marco Qin ’24 was unable to get approval from the senate to charter the Brandeis Blockchain club. According to their presentation, the club aimed to provide opportunities for students to learn about blockchain technology and its applications through interactive activities and create an ecosystem where students can create an ecosystem where students can connect with Brandeis alumni who have experience in the blockchain industry. Audrey Sequeira ’24 had a question addressing the inclusivity of the club, saying, “ I really want them to do more work on how they’re going to purposefully be inclusive, not just passively say that they’re going to be inclusive.”


No representatives from the badminton club attended the meeting so their club will be presenting at the next senate meeting.


The Mid-day buffet will be happening on May 3 followed by the State of the Union later that evening. The SMR for the Midnight buffet was also approved.

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