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Muffin review

Seeing as our former resident food reviewers have graduated—Sasha Skarboviychuk ’21 MA ’22 and John Fornagiel ’22—it seems only fitting to continue their legacy by writing food-related opinion pieces. While I am just a young novice compared to them, I hope to make them proud by letting their food reviews live on. 

For this edition, I will be reviewing a muffin made by one of our own—Mia Plante ’23. When offered a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, on an otherwise not-so-great Monday night, I simply could not turn it down. I have a weak spot for desserts and for muffins specifically so when offered muffin, I take muffin. 

Let’s start with the presentation. First of all, Plante used double cupcake liners like a professional. The two liners help for the muffin not to stick to the first liner—which is annoying when it happens—it also helps eliminate the grease at the bottom of the liner. Excellent execution there. Also loved the zip lock bag delivery method. 10/10, they transported well. 

Plante was bold in making the decision to bake a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin. I personally believe that you can never go wrong adding chocolate chips to a dessert and that is true for these muffins as well. Plante had a great ratio of chocolate chip to muffin. For every bite you had at least one—if not more—chocolate chips. I am also a chocolate fiend, so the more chocolate the better. 

The pumpkin flavor had a great compliment to the chocolate component. It also was great because it wasn’t overwhelmingly pumpkin-y, if that makes sense. I’m not a huge pumpkin- flavored food gal but I did enjoy this muffin. It tasted what I imagine Bath and Body Works fall-scented candles would taste like. Definitely gave off Pumpkin Cinnamon Candle vibes. It also tasted like Michaels during fall. I say this as a complete compliment, but have you ever just walked into Michaels when they have their autumnal decorations out? Yeah, that’s what it tasted like. 

(Complete side note—isn’t it strange how we can correlate tastes to smells? So bizarre. Or maybe someone is reading this article confusedly, thinking “what the heck is this girl on?”) 

On to texture—simply flawless. Not too moist and not too not-moist (I can’t remember what the opposite of moist is, can you tell yet I’m an awful food critic?). It was a great texture too (dry—the word is dry!) and had a good balance of ingredients. Not overcooked, but also not undercooked (though I am one of those people who will intentionally undercook things because I like it a little doughy).

The portion size was also excellent. Sometimes the large muffins are simply too large. You can’t thoroughly enjoy a big muffin for dessert because then you feel like puking because the muffin could’ve been a meal in and of itself. 

Basically, this muffin was excellent on all fronts and was a great way to celebrate the start of September and the 66-degree day we had. And yeah yeah yeah, go ahead and call it “false fall” because that’s how New England weather works, I know it’s going to be in the 80s again on Saturday and my dorm will resume its sauna state. But for now, it is autumn and I’m happily eating pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and not sweating profusely from the heat. 

Thanks for the muffin Mia! I hope you like this entirely legitimate review with zero bias whatsoever. 

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